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It’s well established in these pages that finding a better phone number is a must for your marketing strategy. But coming up with vanity number ideas to fuel your search? That’s not such a no-brainer! Although a custom number is inevitably an improvement on your standard set of digits – and a call is 41% more popular than an online contact form. according to a 2016 study by  Invoca – there are so many options available that business owners can be

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We are very excited to have a guest post published on Crisp Video‘s blog this week. They asked us for a primer on why the right phone number matters for law firms, and it was easy to come up with seven solid reasons. While Crisp Video focuses on law firms, the lessons on the benefits of a custom phone number pertain to all industries. Here’s a quick spoiler alert: Improves Memorability Increases Marketing Effectiveness Creates a Competitive Advantage Builds Your

The name Legal Sea Foods is clearly famous enough in New England, because for the restaurant vanity number selection, rather than the brand name, they opted instead for a clear instruction: 1-800-EAT-FISH. The choice makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Legal could easily be confused with other businesses and the market for legal vanity numbers is particularly competitive. And when it comes to the restaurant sector, custom numbers talking about general food might not be specific enough


Having trouble making your ads rise above the competition? Have you tried putting them 1,000 feet above any other advertising? We didn’t think so! While most of us are familiar with aerial advertising, from local firms all the way up to the iconic Goodyear blimp, the chances are we probably haven’t tried it. That’s why this week’s striking visual reminder comes from Fly Charleston, who use an unmissable aerial banner and an unforgettable phone number to get their message across. It’s


Turn on the radio or look up at a passing billboard. More often than not, a vanity phone number is being used to promote the brand or company that you see. Audiences still pay attention to the information provided through traditional marketing channels. BIA/Kelsey found that of the $151 billion that local advertisers are expected to spend in 2018, almost two-thirds of it will go to traditional media formats. Furthermore, it has been found that the use of vanity numbers


Where Can I Sell My Toll-Free Number?

Written by: on April 23, 2018

Business owners who have a memorable toll-free number control a highly valuable asset. Memorable phone numbers increase a brand’s memorability, increase inbound phone calls, and can turn any marketing campaign into a response-rate powerhouse. That being said, situations do arise where a business owner might want to sell their phone number. Business owners move on or change their focus so that even a great existing number may no longer be the right fit.     The thought might also occur

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Talking to your customers is more important than ever. Yes, despite all the digital communications networks and instant online chat options, what people are asking for above all else is an easy way to connect with your company and have a conversation with an expert. Given a choice, a majority of consumers prefer to call a business to speak to a real person, rather than take that first contact step by e-mail or submitting a contact form online. Recent research

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It’s no secret that legal marketing is an excellent fit for vanity numbers. With so many potential cases out there and the complexity of legal queries, people need an easy way to remember who to call. This is especially true of personal injury law, where a direct line to legal experts cuts out confusion and sets victims on the road to financial recovery. St. Louis-based injury attorneys Meyerkord & Meyerkord are a perfect example of this. From digital campaigns to

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A common question for many business owners is how to make their company stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s online or out in the real world, attention is at a premium these days and every impression counts. Logos, site names, social networks, ads and so much more need to be memorable brand assets that communicate your message and help potential customers to get connect with your company. So why do so many owners fail to take advantage of overlooked marketing assets

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The mind has limited space to store contact details, which is why so many of us now simply keep everything in the memory banks of a smartphone. Business numbers have to earn that space, however, and not many get committed to phone storage.  Contact details are typically reserved for personal friends and family, as well as a handful of professionals we need to talk to regularly. That leaves businesses competing for storage in our individual memory, then, which is notoriously

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