word of mouth

Developing a positive online reputation for your brand relies increasingly on word-of-mouth. As consumers rely a lot more on what others are saying about you – and now that everyone can see what they are saying, even if they have never met or connected – it’s more important than ever to explore your online feedback. The only way to control your brand reputation, as much as that’s possible in the digital world, is to understand what’s out there and make

online reputation rankings

Possibly the most frustrating part of building a recognized brand for your business comes in the early stages, when you slave away at every element of branding, only to see minimal traction or attention. At that point, it can be easy to feel you are spinning your wheels and decide to spend your time on other marketing initiatives. Thankfully, most owners can get over this mental obstacle and focus on the long-term benefits of brand building. It doesn’t hurt to have

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