Video Answers to Your Vanity Number Questions

Vanity numbers are like an iceberg: they look extremely impressive on the surface but there’s even more than you could imagine going on underneath! In addition to the memorable quality your contact number takes on with a vanity, there are marketing and technology benefits to boot.

If you’ve just started your search for a memorable number, you probably have a lot of questions about vanity numbers on your list — and that’s before you throw in those you don’t even know you should ask!


Common Questions About Vanity Numbers

To guide you through the process and make the Q&A a bit more personal, our VP of Business Development Paul Faust took some time to record these video segments to answer the questions we hear most often.

If anything you need to know isn’t answered here, don’t hesitate to contact us or take a look at some other freqently asked questions. We’re always eager to talk about getting your business an unforgettable set of digits!

Why Should I Get a Vanity Number?

A vanity phone number is more than a utility, it’s an investment and asset that bridges marketing and business functions. The rules don’t change with a great phone number, it’s a constant that your business can always leverage.

How Much Does a Vanity Phone Number Cost?

There’s an affordable memorable number for every size and scale of business, with almost any budget. Toll free numbers can be as little as $40/month, while local easy dial numbers to buy run as low as a few hundred dollars. Whatever your means, we can set you up with a more memorable number that gets customers calling.

How Easy Is It To Find An Available Number?

There’s a number for everyone! We have been doing this a long time and have a huge database that can incorporate a lot of different terms and phrases. In short, we use our experience to help you find a number that will work for your business.

How Do I Choose the Right Vanity Number for Me?

Our site helps you to break down your search by industry, type of number, or key word or phrase. Or, if you prefer to take advantage of our experts, there is always someone to help you via live chat, email request, or by calling us on 1-877-RINGBOOST.

How Do Vanity Numbers Work?

Even if you cannot immediately find the number you want, our industry and team is organized in a way that allows us to leverage our contacts to go out and find a memorable number that meets your needs. To learn about the background of how vanity numbers work, read more here.

Why Are Some Vanity Numbers Longer Than a Normal Number?

One of the great things about a vanity number is that you can go beyond the standard seven digits to complete a memorable word or phrase. Once your customer completes the dial number behind the vanity, the call is going through one way or another, the rest is just good branding! With local numbers we recommend sticking to seven characters, but with toll free numbers we know how to make the most of those extras to find the right number for your business and brand.

Are Vanity Phone Numbers a Good Investment?

Absolutely, perhaps more than any other form of marketing in fact. Because vanity numbers are versatile and designed to be used across all forms of marketing (radio, print, online and more), they keep paying your business back long after other campaigns and tools have been replaced. A memorable number doubles as both a contact point and a branding tool, adding even more bang for your marketing buck.

Should I Choose a Local or Toll Free Vanity Number?

Often this is down to preference, depending on how your customers prefer to reach you. A local number can sometimes feel more familiar to customers, although studies have shown that toll free prefixes do not detract from that quality, while a toll free vanity number can add a sense of size and extra quality. This comes down to understanding your market and asking some key questions, which our customer service team is ready and happy to help with. In the end, it might be worth your while going with both!

If I Choose a Local Vanity Number, What Should My Selection Strategy Be?

Think about your plans in the near and long-term. If you plan to scale your business soon, your selection(s) could be different to a smaller brand trying to win new business in a single local market. Vanity numbers can access many different markets at once, so review where your customers will be calling from both now and in the future to secure the memorable numbers your business needs.

Will My New Number Be Exclusive to My Business?

Your new vanity number will be exclusive to the market you license it for. We work with you by areas code allocation to ensure that you purchase the right license for the markets you serve and is therefore distinct from your competition.

Do I Need to Change My Service or Carrier to Get a Vanity Number?

No, the beauty of vanity numbers is that there is virtually no work to be done on your end (besides choosing a great number and getting it out there into the world!) In most cases you don’t need to change your number, service, or even contact your carrier. You tell us where you want your number to route, or how you need a local number to be assigned, and the set up time is minimal.