Celebrating a Century of Google RingBoost Reviews!

We're proud to share that we recently hit the marvelous milestone of 100 RingBoost reviews on Google!

While we appreciate every single one of our thousands of clients, our team is especially grateful when a business owner or marketing exec takes time out of a busy schedule to share their experience with us.


Today we'd like to celebrate those clients - and our exceptional customer service team! - with a selection of thoughtful RingBoost reviews that show why we're confident every business should get a more memorable number.

In the feedback below, you'll find some of the factors that make RingBoost more than just a phone number provider.

Customer Service

The telecom sector can be a frustrating experience, with giant carriers at the top and all kinds of intermediaries that you might not expect. We've been in the business for decades and try to make the process of changing phone numbers as efficient as possible, leaving our customers free to move on to more important matters.

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Repeat Customers

If you treat people well and exceed expectations, there's a good chance they'll come back to do business with you again. A memorable number helps a business grow, which means our first-time customers often return to secure new numbers as they add new campaigns and locations.

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Your Marketing Partner

We believe in the brand value of a memorable number and want to help you make the most of it. That means learning about your business, understanding where you are in your search, and scouring our archives for numbers that make your marketing stand out in every channel.

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Pick the Perfect Number

Have you ever thought about what makes a number memorable? It's tougher than you might think to select an unforgettable number that also fits your brand and enhances your marketing materials.

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We've had the privilege of helping everyone from individual owners and nonprofit organizations to international companies and household name brands find the right vanity number...it's a lot easier when you search the archives every day and have tens of millions of numbers to choose from!

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Just for Fun!

Not every number has to be a high-value marketing asset. Some, like this one for leading marketing strategist and author Conrad Saam, just make a great gift! It also makes us think: if a business is important enough to get a custom number, shouldn't its owner have the same advantage?

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On behalf of the entire team at RingBoost, we offer our sincere thanks to every customer and an extra thumbs-up to everyone who has left us a review on Google, Facebook, or any other forum.

We do this because it makes a difference to your business and always welcome the opportunity to hear about your success!

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