Why Choose a Toll-Free 800 Number?

Using the original toll-free exchange lends a sense of longevity and credibility. Immediately convey your company's trustworthiness and take your business to the next-level with an 800 number. Simple and affordable, find the perfect toll-free 800 number to meet your needs.

  • Simple affordable plans
  • No hidden fees
  • Switch plans anytime

How to Get Started with 800 Numbers

It’s easy to begin using a toll-free 800 number from RingBoost:

Select Your Number

Search our extensive database to find an 800 number that fits your business.

Choose a Plan

Add call-forwarding and premium features to enhance your 800 number from RingBoost.


That’s it! Once activation is complete (1-5 days), you're ready to receive toll-free calls to your number.

Every Toll-Free Vanity Phone Plan From RingBoost Includes:

  • Number Portal

    Number Portal

    Track call volume, identify trends, modify call forwarding and more.

  • Number Blocking

    Number Blocking

    Filter calls you don’t want to accept with advanced number blocking.

  • Call Analytics

    Call Analytics

    Measure every aspect of the phone call experience to make sure you maximize your ROI.

Premium Features:

  • Call Announcement

    Call Announcement

    See who is calling before you pick up with our whisper tone technology.

  • Activity Notifications

    Activity Notifications

    Receive messages by email or text to stay on top of voice communications.

  • Phone Call Recording

    Phone Call Recording

    Improve the customer experience and enhance CSR training with call recording and free 30 day storage.

Frequently Asked Questions About 800 Numbers

  • How can my business benefit by offering an 800 number?

    Toll-free phone numbers provide several benefits including greater prestige and trustworthiness among consumers. They also increase brand recall which helps to improve advertising response rates and increase referrals. The 800 prefix is the original toll-free exchange, giving your business a sense of being long-established, at an affordable price.

  • When can I start using my new 800 number?

    When checkout is complete, most 800 toll-free numbers will be active within a day. Others will need to be provisioned, a process that can take between 3 and 5 business days. We will do our best to have your phones ringing as soon as possible. To check the status of your order, reach out to RingBoost support..

  • Once I complete the checkout, do I own the 800 number outright?

    At this time, due to FCC regulation, toll-free numbers can only be licensed, and RingBoost remains the subscriber of record. You will have exclusive use of the number within your licensed territory or nationwide (whichever is applicable) for the duration of the contract term.

  • How many minutes should I purchase?

    RingBoost offers several toll-free plans for 800 numbers and for any size budget; purchase a package in advance that includes minutes or pay for minutes used - the choice is yours!

Questions about toll-free 800 numbers from RingBoost?