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When you buy a local phone number, you own it outright.

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You can transfer your number to your carrier (also known as porting), you can put your number in storage until you're ready to use it (parking), or you can pick a call forwarding plan.


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  • You own the number
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  • Switch plans anytime
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All Local Call Forwarding Plans Include...

  • Online Management Portal

    Online Management Portal

    Take control of your local phone numbers - monitor the number of calls received, modify call forwarding instructions, track broader trends and much more.

  • Customizable Call Blocking

    Customizable Call Blocking

    Stop wasting time on unwanted calls with your RingBoost local phone number. Block specific callers or area codes and more and start spending time on clients that matter.

  • Voicemail & Fax to Email

    Voicemail & Fax to Email

    Save administrative time by sending any voicemail or fax message received to your local phone number directly to an email address of your choosing.

  • Custom Call-Forwarding

    Custom Call-Forwarding

    Designate who inside your company should receive calls and adjust forwarding number at no cost and without having to request a change from RingBoost.

  • Call Notification Emails

    Call Notification Emails

    Opt to receive a notification email every time your local phone number is called. Never miss another important call again!

  • Basic Conferencing

    Basic Conferencing

    Use your local phone number to host business or company conference calls. Conduct and record audio conference calls with up to 25 participants.

  • Call Reporting & Analytics

    Call Reporting & Analytics

    Track important usage metrics using the call reporting and analytics tools from RingBoost. View the city, state, length of call and even who hung up in real time!

  • Caller ID Display

    Caller ID Display

    Don't pick up the phone if you don't have to. RingBoost's Caller ID Display feature lets you identify calls forwarded from your RingBoost number.

  • Call Announcement

    Call Announcement

    Know you’re getting an incoming call from your custom number before answering. Add a brief announcement that only you hear before a call is connected.

Frequently Asked Questions About Local Phone Numbers

  • What is number porting?

    Porting is the process of moving a phone number from one carrier to another. RingBoost customers often choose to port their numbers so they can place outbound calls from their number in addition to receiving inbound calls.

  • Should I park my new local number?

    Parking a local phone number is ideal for those instances when it does not need to be in an active status. Parking is like putting a number in storage. It's cheaper than paying for a service plan but all control and features are unavailable until you reactivate it.

  • What is the main difference between plans?

    While all plans come with great features including the number management portal, call reporting and call blocking, the main difference is in the number of minutes that are included each month. Review the comparison guide to learn more.

  • Is it possible to forward texts and phone calls from my local number?

    The ability to forward text messages from your local phone number is dependent on the carrier (e.g. T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.). Some carriers support text forwarding or the translation of text messages to email while other do not.

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