​​​Vanity Phone Numbers for Non-Profits

Start Using a Clever & Custom Phone Number in Your Non-Profit Marketing


It has never been more difficult to be a nonprofit marketer. The amount of money that Americans give to charities in support of special causes amounts to roughly 2.1 percent of the total gross domestic product - a share that has barely moved in the past forty years according to the Giving USA 2018 report.

Mission-driven organizations have to make the most of the modest budgets they have to raise awareness, drive fundraising efforts and provide services. Vanity phone numbers are an affordable brand asset that can build your brand and help you better reach your constituents and target audience.

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Accelerate Trust & Generosity

Raising awareness is a crucial part of promoting any cause, but it’s equally true that every cent that goes into a promotional campaign is one that you’re not spending on the cause. For that reason, ROI is a crucial measure of success for any fundraising initiative.

In the U.S., Americans gave a total of $410 billion in 2018 to nonprofits including faith-based organizations and other global, national or local charities. To receive even a small share of that amount, non-profit agencies and organizations need to find unique, memorable, clever and effective ways to differentiate their marketing and many are turning to custom vanity phone numbers from RingBoost to do just that.

Establish a Mission That Matters with Vanity Phone Numbers

  • Increase calls to your non-profit organization
  • Improve brand perception with prospective donors
  • Be more memorable compared to competing non-profits
  • Support word-of-mouth referrals among donors, clients and partners

Communicate the Value of Your Mission

Clearly and effectively communicating the value of your nonprofit to donors, volunteers, and - most importantly - members of the broader community is paramount to achieving the objective set forth in the organization's official charter. That's no easy task, but expressing this value proposition in a compelling manner can be achieved easily with a vanity phone number.

What makes custom phone numbers so valuable and vital in nonprofit marketing is that they quickly convey the purpose of an organization, are accessible for a wide variety of audiences (both young and old), and enable the non profit to differentiate the mission in unique, distinct and very creative ways. Nonprofits that excel at articulating their benefits are those best positioned to provide value to all whom they serve.

Simple Tech to Build Relationships & Boost Donations

RingBoost understands the marketing investment that nonprofit and charity organizations must make in order to increase donations and garner the attention of supporters. That's why we offer nonprofits and charities a custom phone number at no cost (just send us proof of your organization's 501(c)(3) charter).

By removing the barriers between intent and action, a memorable vanity phone numbers will enable your group to stand out from the crowd - and it's easy to get started. Just search for a custom vanity phone number in our extensive database, select the target market area, and activate. Your team could start receiving phone calls at this new phone number in a matter of hours.

Contact RingBoost to learn more about our complimentary vanity phone number program and start connecting with your supporters!


What is Nonprofit Marketing?

Nonprofit marketing is focused on the tasks and methods (such as using vanity phone numbers) associated with soliciting donations, recruiting volunteers, and spreading the message of the organization's charter. The objective is to garner attention among external audiences critical to success.

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