An Alternative Gift Guide for the Person Who Has Everything!

What do you get for the person who has everything?

Well, alongside the likes of Aston Martin and Swarowski, a custom phone number from RingBoost also makes the grade on this ridiculously awesome holiday gift guide from Goop!




Alternative Gift Ideas for 2018

Beyond the accepted gold standard items in the luxury category, Goop's list sets off some interesting ideas for alternative gifting.  What caught our attention, inevitably, was the inclusion of a custom number from RingBoost, but there are various affordable ideas that provide the base for an alternative gift guide. Customization and personalization are the name of the game for creative gifting in 2018, so here are a few more suggestions to inspire your list:

  • Celebrate a Special Date: If you can come up with a date that means something to your friend or family member, you'll open up a whole new world of gifting options! You can get a newspaper print of that day from some larger publications (and make it into a puzzle, if they're a gamer). Or how about a star map capturing the night sky on that special date? 
  • Private Tours: Everyone has their favorite haunt that celebrates a hobby or interest. Whether it's a museum, art gallery, or even an entire city, there's a good chance that there are parts of it they haven't seen. Make a shortlist of potential places and reach out to see if any offer private tours or behind-the-scenes activities.
  • Personalized or Branded Phone Numbers: It's what prompted this list, primarily because it's a fun and affordable idea! Find your loved one's name or initials in their area code, look for a nickname, or find a branded number for their business. Whatever you choose, you can be sure no-one else got them the same thing!


  • The Gift of Knowledge: Who doesn't love learning? Well, many teenagers (and some less open-minded adults!) for starters. For everyone else, giving the gift of tuition for a subject in which they've shown an interest is both thoughtful and something that should last a lifetime. 
  • A Customized Cutting Board (or Anything Else!): People who love kitchenware. People who like personalized items. In the center of those two circles? People who enjoy gifts from Uncommon Goods, like this Venn diagram cutting board for the geek chic cook in your life.  


Going back to the source, thanks to Goop for this ridiculously awesome list (and also to the New York Post for sharing it!)

Happy Holidays!


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