5 Industries Where Calls Come First

There are few communication channels more personal than the humble phone call. While digital routes to engage customers have grown in importance over the last decade, they still can't replicate the individual interaction that a call can provide.

If your customer has a question, speaking with a real person is often the best way to get an answer. This is especially true in certain industries, as new research from Think With Google confirms.

Every business should make the most of inbound calls and give the customer a great experience while they're on the line. In the five business sectors that we'll look at today, however, getting what they need over the phone can mean the difference between winning a customer for life or losing them forever.

woman searching on iphoneIndustries Where Customers Call First

Google's research highlights something we've seen time and time again over the years: customers in some industries simply prefer to pick up the phone.

Sometimes it's because there are complex concepts at play, requiring deeper explanation than an online resource can effectively provide. In other areas, the subject is a more emotional matter or something private, which makes speaking to someone feel more appropriate.

Whatever the reason, it's the underlying personal touch of a phone call that can make all the difference.

The two verticals that Google identifies are financial services and - surprise surprise! - the telecom industry. The research shows that consumers searching for assistance in those sectors are almost 3x more likely to opt for a call. That tells an important story when you consider the customer has started their journey online but will quickly switch to the telephone, given the opportunity.

When we combine these figures with our own experience driving increased calls to companies across almost every business sector, we can highlight the following five industries in which this same phenomenon is in play:

Let's take a closer look at what drives more calls in each of these industries.

Investment and Finance

There aren't many areas of life that cause as much confusion (or raise as many questions) as the world of finance. Think about how many folks were left scratching their heads after the crash of 2008 and you'll see what we mean!

It isn't so surprising, then, that investors at all levels want to have a full conversation with an expert when making decisions that will affect their wealth.

finance budget and calculatorFor finance companies, the key is to make sure that all ads and marketing materials give customers an easy way to get in touch. Keep things simple in terms of copy and ad concepts. Lead with the benefits of using your services and encouraging potential clients to call to find out more.

In an industry packed with jargon and terms and conditions that can be difficult to interpret, clarity and easy access to a professional will provide an immediate competitive advantage.

Senior Care

Providing care services for seniors doesn't have the same jargon issue as others mentioned in this article, but we've found over the years that it compels similar behavior from potential clients. They want to talk to a real person because they often face an emotional time in their lives and need a sympathetic hand to guide them through the tough decisions ahead. homecare contact numberOnline resources are important for this sector, but the first and last touches with prospective clients typically come in-person and over the phone. Agencies and services that demonstrate compassion in their marketing and offer a direct connection to caregivers

Law Firms and Legal Services

Another business sector in which specialized knowledge is crucial and where the everyday consumer can quickly get lost in jargon and terminology. They use the term "legalese" with good reason!

If you think of most law firm ads that you've seen, online or off, they most probably contained a custom phone number. On the one hand, that's because they have so much competition and need a way to stand out from the crowd. But it's also because law firms know that their clients don't want to do a whole lot of research into the area of law they need help with. Even if they try to do so early on, most will quickly come to the conclusion that they need legal expertise and search out someone who can give them a brief summary of a complex subject.

The takeaway for legal services is to condense the value of that advice - and the area of law they practice - down into a easily understandable marketing message. Even in this complex field, it's amazing how many leads can be generated by an effective tag line and a memorable contact number.

Real Estate

Anyone who has bought a home in recent years understands exactly why clients want to be able to call a realtor, ahead of any other channel of communication. Questions and concerns come up every few hours, so the ability to dial a direct line to the designated expert is both a blessing and a curse (the former for the client, the latter for the realtor, some would say!)

This idea extends back to the initial search process, where potential clients want to screen a property, get some basic information, or simply get a feel for the relationship they'll have with their prospective realtor. 

Eleven Eleven Realty signA lot of calling goes on at the start of a home search and the most successful realtors know that their number needs to be everywhere to make the most of that fact.

Home Improvement

Last but not least, we come to the hands-on appeal of home repair and DIY. We have a whole section on vanity numbers for home improvement with good reason.

Unlike other businesses in this article, the service company might not be the first port of call for prospective customers. After all, how many of us like to try our hand at home repair tasks that seem easy at first?

That's all well and good for the home improvement company. If the person succeeds, great; they arguably weren't a viable customer in the first place! But if things go wrong, who do you think the customer wants to call? It's going to be the expert and they aren't going to wait for an e-mail response!

In the home improvement business, as in the others mentioned in this article, it's important to use a phone number that stands out in a prominent place across all advertising. Online searches are especially popular in this sector, so the click-to-call option is crucial. Research has also shown that custom numbers included in these search ads increase click-through rates, as well as improving retention and call rates in offline advertising.

If you work in any of these industries, it's important to consider how you encourage phone calls and the experience that prospective clients have when they first talk to your team.

Make the most of this compulsion to call and you'll capitalize on one of the most innate conversion factors known to man: the power of a great conversation!

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