5 Quotes on Social Media for Business

Social media can be a great way for businesses, big or small, to connect with prospects and customers. Your customers are already on social media and most likely have experience interacting with other brands. If you are not reaching them through this channel, you're missing out on business opportunities! Here are 5 tips from the experts to improve your social media strategy. 

  1. "Know exactly what you are trying to accomplish: sales, leads, or both? Avoid metrics like likes, follows, or impressions. Use Facebook pixel and/or Facebook lead ads so you can track and measure results." -(Gene Marks)
  2. "Find out where your target customer spends time online. Then pick one social platform and dominate on that one. Claim your profiles on the other networks, but focus most of your time on that one." -(Melinda Emerson)
  3. "Planning your social media activities will allow you to post consistently—and get more consistent results. You can create a strategy and actually get better results with less time and effort." -(Anita Campbell)
  4. "Attention spans are short so be sure to add photos and videos to your social content. It will boost engagement and is perfect for businesses with products to show off." -(Carol Roth)
  5. "Social media is personal. It's your personal brand first, and your job or business second. You need to convey your persona. Get above the noise. Be different." -(Kedma Ough)

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