4 Important Book Recommendations for Business Owners

Whether you're wandering the aisles at Barnes & Noble or browsing the audiobook listings on Audible, there's no shortage of book recommendations for business owners. Too many, in most cases! Because we work with all kinds of small business owners and entrepreneurs, we have a firm understanding of what makes them tick. That's why we feel confident offering up these four titles for your summer reading list - assuming it isn't already full, that is! book-recommendations-for-business-owners  

4 Book Recommendations for Business Owners

Let's start right here at RingBoost, with a book heartily recommended by our SVP of Business Development, Paul Faust:
  1. Living with the Monks by Jesse Itzler

"I have had the honor and privilege or taking a “life/personal development” course with the author and it has had a significant impact on me. I would highly recommend picking up a copy of his new book, as well as his previous book “Living with a Seal”. You will both laugh and learn some valuable life lessons."

  Many of the best business books are rooted in exactly what Paul describes above: life lessons. They resonate and succeed precisely because they improve the way we perceive and act in our personal lives, as well as in a professional setting.  The second title on our list speaks to the value of understanding the needs of others, from friends and family to colleagues and the consumers in your target market.   

2. Give and Take by Adam Grant

"Packed with cutting-edge research, concrete examples, and deep insight about how our interactions with others drive our success and happiness," says fellow author and motivational speaker Gretchen Rubin. Grant presents a compelling case for identifying and promoting generous, giving personalities who go out of their way to find ideas that help others.

  The third item on our list will be a familiar name to anyone who listens to popular podcasts, as his "School of Greatness" production is present on most of the top lists you'll find. It resonates especially with entrepreneurs, given Howes' backstory and his remarkable turnaround.    

3. The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

Taking the same name as his podcast, Howes also pursues the same grand aim with his writing: to impact 100 million lives and teach people how to pursue the dream that burns inside them. There's little that Lewis Howes hasn't seen or achieved in his relatively short career, which is why so many readers and listeners consider him an authority on the mindset and habits that create success.

school-of-greatness-book   The fourth book on our list comes from a place that the previous author would understand, thanks to its focus on using our dreams to drive through the hard times:

4. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

Counting best selling authors like Malcolm Gladwell and Amanda Ripley among its fans, Grit provides a process-driven approach to pushing through and achieving what we set our minds to do. Described by one business leader we spoke to as "the book I’d most like to internalize and epitomize," Grit is a great read for business owners and aspirational folks in any field. 


Bonus Item:

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie It's a nonfiction classic for a reason and influenced all of the other titles on our list in one way or another. If you haven't found time to read it yet, make sure it's on your summer list. If you have, flip through it again for a little extra inspiration!   Have you read any of the books above? What suggestions would you have when making book recommendations for business owners? Let us know on Linkedin or Facebook!    

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