Call Recording for Sales and Service Training

When companies say that their most important asset is the people they employ, it's often seen as a cliché. But when it comes to your sales team winning new business, there's no room for platitudes. It is a well-known fact - at least for anyone who regularly reads these pages - that inbound calls convert to revenue at a rate 10x greater than any other form of lead. That makes training the people who handle the increased call volume from vanity numbers one of the most important service areas you can focus on. Even if you know your business and your customer base inside out, there is always room for improvement; to fine-tune your sales team and give them the edge over competitors. Vanity numbers provide a special set of features that can help you do just that. customer-support-trainingTrack Your Calls, Train Your Team

We've covered call tracking before, but let us offer a quick refresher on the value of tracking your phone calls:

  • Detailed call history, including product questions, service issues, and upsell potential.
  • Save time and increase service efficiency by having this data available to all reps.
  • Analytics to better understand where your calls are coming from.
  • Identify common characteristics of callers who convert.

The good news is that custom number services features make this easy to achieve. The next step is to take this information and use it to improve your customer service. connect puzzle piecesCall Recording for Sales & Service Training

  • Both sales and customer service can benefit from call tracking and its associated data. Another aspect of advanced phone number systems is call recording, which should be the core of your training program. Recording calls will help you learn what customers positively respond to and what about your service turns them off. It can assist sales reps to ask the right questions and tell customer service reps the best way to respond to common complaints. When your team members hear the difference between a successful call response that converts to a sale and those that do not, they can zero in on the elements that lead to conversion. Here are some areas to listen for when you play calls back to your team members:Confident, professional tone of voice;
  • Natural delivery of a trusted script;
  • Authoritative tone and ability to answer questions about the company and product;
  • How they can get past "no" and handle rejection;
  • Conversation flow and ability to move the discussion forward naturally;
  • Ability to quickly identify and confirm the underlying need of the caller.

 By implementing the best of your general sales approach with frequent reviews of recorded calls, you can increase the ability of your team to close more calls. Using call recording to train your customer team will also help identify and resolve common service issues as quickly as they arise. How do you use call tracking and recording to train your team?

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