How to Use Cannabis Marketing Phone Numbers

Promoting a business in the nascent marijuana sector is no small task. With varying degrees of legality across different states and consumers unfamiliar with the emerging business model, marketing teams must place just as much emphasis on information as they do promotion. 

Cannabis marketing phone numbers are set to be an important part of the promotional mix, from educating customers and answering service questions to connecting local buyers with a legitimate business in their area.

Cannabis Marketing with Custom Marketing Phone NumbersHow Custom Cannabis Phone Numbers Fit Into the Marketing Mix

Customers are going to have lots of questions about how and where they can legally purchase cannabis products, as well as asking about the many ways it can be prepared. A custom phone number is going to immediately stand out when those people start to look for experts on the subject.

Vanity numbers also provide a versatile marketing tool for a sector still finding its feet in terms of the most effective promotional channels.

Phone numbers are applied in almost every form of marketing you come across. From traditional billboards and radio spots to search ads and social media content, a memorable number bridges the gap between online and offline promotions. Alternatively, if you opt for multiple numbers to use across different channels, they become a valuable way to track which channels generate the most calls and, more importantly, which convert most often to sales.

Even at this early stage, we are seeing a huge uptick of interest in cannabis-related phone numbers. Those businesses who act quickly are the ones most likely to realize the benefit of a custom, industry-specific phone number.

What Types of Number Work Best?

This question slides back into more familiar territory, as business owners in every sector face the choice between custom local or toll-free phone numbers, as well as the specific sub-categories of each.

Luckily we've written about this before, so you can read any of the following articles to learn more about which cannabis marketing number will work for your business:

If you choose to go the local route, and search numbers ending in "WEED" offer an immediate way to brand your marijuana business with a familiar area code.

The options are almost limitless in the local market and will very much depend on the kind of brand you want to build in your area. Have some fun and view this as an opportunity to define your business persona right from the outset!

For those who want to establish a broader brand presence as quickly as possible, licensing a toll-free number like 1-800-CANNABIS for exclusive use in individual markets where marijuana is legal is the way to go. 

As you'll know if you read these pages regularly, the future of toll-free numbers in the United States is a hot topic right now. How 800 numbers are assigned and managed could change in the not-too-distant future. Those changes are still taking shape, but securing a memorable and exclusive toll-free number under the current set up is a quick and powerful way to expand your business.

If you have any questions about how to use add cannabis marketing phone numbers to your promotional toolkit, don't hesitate to contact us. The RingBoost team has decades of collective experience helping business owners improve their marketing and we're excited to finally put it to work in the legal marijuana sector.

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