Client Profile: Hartford Healthcare at Home

Senior healthcare is not a subject that immediately lends itself to traditional sales and marketing techniques. Fraught with emotion and defined by personal relationships, services like home care and hospice require more conversation and empathy than a direct sales pitch. The team at Hartford Healthcare at Home provides a compelling example of care leading conversions in their latest video. While brand assets like their logo and tagline - 'Connect to Healthier' - are everpresent, alongside a clear contact point with their toll free number 1-800-HOMECARE, the conversation between host Tina Varona and Registered Nurse Karen Pagliaro are focused on the intricacies of looking after aging parents.   [embed][/embed] In a wide-ranging discussion, the duo covers the warning signs that a parent might be struggling, maintaining independent living for seniors, home assessments, and the transition to using home care services, from limited visits early on to expanded medical assistance as trust is built and new needs emerge. Within one week of going live, the video surpassed 35,000 views. If you're unable to see the embedded video above, you can also watch the whole thing hereAt no point is a direct sales pitch made but the message is clear: Hartford Healthcare at Home is ready and waiting when a senior family member needs help.   Hartford HealthCare at Home FB Live


Mixed Media Marketing

This excellent example of content marketing also demonstrates how to blend promotional channels to reach a broader audience. This conversation began life as a broadcast on Facebook Live, a video streaming service that allows users to watch in real-time and ask questions as they arise. Upon completion, the video can then be repurposed as on-demand content available via YouTube, an item to help answer media questions - note the involvement of the Hartford Courant newspaper in creating this piece - and a useful addition to the company's website resources. With all of this exposure, it's worth noting the constant-yet-subtle call to action provided by the company's shared use vanity number. While it never takes center stage, the memorable number is a consistent reminder that it's easy to get in touch with Hartford HealthCare at Home when you need them.  If you work in the healthcare sector, take a look at your marketing communications to make sure they emphasize the experience and emotional side of your services. Finding that balance between highly-qualified expertise and the less tangible quality of empathy is not easy. However, with an experienced team using the right marketing tools and channels, you can reach out in a delicate way to connect with those families that need you most. [search-tag]

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