Client Profile: Pizza Paddle Makes More of 904!

How important is a custom number in the restaurant sector? "Our brand is our phone number, it's equivalent to a logo." So says Mikaela Kadriu of Pizza Paddle in Jacksonville, Florida. It's fitting that a restaurant committed to finding its customers only the freshest ingredients also took the time to find them an unforgettable number: 904-440-0000. Pizza Paddle Co So where does the company find its custom number most useful, in marketing terms? "Print advertising has been the most effective, including fridge magnets," says Kadriu, highlighting a simple-yet-effective way to keep in front of customers. Boxes will be thrown away, menus will be stuffed in drawers, but a magnet placed on something we use every day is perfect... especially when it's where the food is! Combine that with an instantly recognizable, easy-to-dial number and you have a recipe that will increase orders. Kadriu also touches on one of the aspects of a custom number that is sometimes overlooked: the sense of establishment that it can bring to a local business. For Pizza Paddle that helps elevate the company's brand, in that "it's aesthetically pleasing and gives the business a more corporate feel." Pizza Paddle knew they needed a memorable phone number as the business started to grow. It's a trusted marketing tool in the industry and one that can be set up very quickly, at an affordable cost. The only question was which type of custom number to pick. Pizza Paddle Delivery They went with a simple local number that repeats two digits already used in their familiar 904 area code. With 904-440-0000, customers always know who to call when they're hungry. The number sits atop the restaurant's door, as well as on fridges and kitchen cabinets around their area! "It brings people in the door," concludes Kadriu, summing up the power of a memorable phone number. "After a day filled with stress, anything that makes it easier for our customers to connect is an asset." [search-tag]

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