Friday's Finest: Store This Local Number In Memory

The mind has limited space to store contact details, which is why so many of us now simply keep everything in the memory banks of a smartphone. Business numbers have to earn that space, however, and not many get committed to phone storage.

Contact details are typically reserved for personal friends and family, as well as a handful of professionals we need to talk to regularly. That leaves businesses competing for storage in our individual memory, then, which is notoriously unreliable at recalling random digits.

All the more reason to adopt a custom memorable number to help them out. Coincidentally, our latest example comes from a company dedicated to the task of storing real world objects, Manhattan Mini Storage.

212 STORAGE number

What we especially like about this one is that the number plays an understated support role to the main attraction, an amusing play on words that invariably draws the eye.

The company then adds the memorable local number 212-STORAGE to give observers an easy way to remember their contact details.

Not everyone who sees the ad will need the company's services, of course, but you can bet that they'll remember who to call when they do.

And because New Yorkers move so frequently, there's every chance that this vanity number becomes a lucrative source of repeat business for Manhattan Mini Storage.

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