Friday's Finest: 5 Excellent Industry Examples of Toll Free Vanity Numbers

We see a lot of love for memorable local numbers at the moment, with no real surprise in that fact; a familiar area code followed by easy-to-recall digits is a powerful combination. That being said, the more recognizable form of vanity number, the toll-free 800 number, remains the marketing weapon of choice for many industries. With the big brand cache of a toll-free prefix and the strong association with service and value that customers see in a great vanity number, there's a place for both forms in any robust marketing mix. Today we'd like to share five examples of effective 800 numbers used in different industries, with the hope that it will lead you to the most suitable form of memorable number for your business. cables

5 Industry Examples of Toll Free 800 Numbers

Because they're so versatile, great 800 numbers can be found in almost any industry. Some business sectors are likely to use them more heavily than others, though, and it's to those we turn when we want to showcase all that a memorable toll-free number can do for your company. Here are five industries in which these numbers are working wonders for their owners, with an example that shows the best of each:
  1. Law Firms
  2. E-commerce Companies
  3. Media Companies
  4. Healthcare Providers
  5. Automotive Industry

Legal Vanity Numbers

One of our favorite examples of vanity number success stories comes from Kisling, Nestico & Redick, a law firm based in Ohio. Legal vanity numbers are one of RingBoost's most popular categories, and this is a personal injury firm that has one of the best numbers in the business, 1-800-HURT-NOW. It's a marketing advantage that the company has cited numerous times for helping their expert attorneys stand out in one of the most crowded and competitive legal sectors out there. legal vanity number case study 1-800-HURT-NOW - Read more | Browse legal vanity numbers  

E-commerce Retailers Using Vanity Numbers

We need look no further than the original toll free success story, 1-800-FLOWERS, for an example of a company with a memorable number repurposing it for the digital world. The number itself is iconic, but the way the company has rebranded it into an online destination and trusted e-commerce platform provides a blueprint for any longstanding organization trying to adapt its marketing for the web.flowers_logo Read more | Browse retail numbers


Clean Energy and Green Business Vanity Numbers

The world is increasingly eco-friendly, but consumers still need a lot of guidance on how to go green. Digital resources are abundant, but all the online research in the world can't replace a focused phone call with a professional who knows what she or he is talking about. Companies like A/C Solar Solutions in Denver understand this and have used memorable numbers like 1-800-SOLAR-USA to bridge the knowledge gap. Feel the power sun god 1-800-SOLAR-USA - Read more | Browse eco/green vanity numbers  

Healthcare Vanity Numbers

A complicated and tumultuous sector in recent years for various political reasons, healthcare companies have always enjoyed the simple marketing stability of a memorable number. Researching care providers, learning about treatment options, understanding insurance coverage, and simply having someone to call with questions on how to get started is invaluable in a sector as complex as healthcare. This is especially true of homecare, where a friend or relative is usually the customer, searching for compassion and care support for a loved one. 1-800-HOMECARE is a great example of an easy and memorable access number used around the country. From home care providers in Phoenix, over to Tampa and back through New Mexico to North Dakota, local care agencies like Superior Home Care use a memorable number to connect seniors with the care they need and ease the  challenge for families who have never dealt with such a tough decision. 1800Homecare Logo 1-800-HOMECARE - Read more | Browse care vanity numbers


Auto Dealer Vanity Numbers

Long associated with the hard sell and the negative image that comes with it, vehicle dealerships enjoy the more subtle lead generation benefits of a memorable 800 number. The many variations on memorable words and brand names are what often attracts many auto dealers to these unforgettable toll-free number alternatives. A Honda dealership, for example, could boost brand awareness and stand out from the competition with a vanity number like 1-866-NEW-HONDA or 1-800-YES-HONDA. In an industry where certain stereotypes apply, using auto dealer vanity numbers to make it easier for customers to get in touch and start the conversation themselves is a breath of fresh air. honda 1-800-YES-HONDA / 1-866-NEW-HONDA- Browse auto industry vanity numbers   Vanity numbers are a marketing advantage in any industry, so we hope some of our favorites give you ideas about how you could use a memorable number in your business sector. Start your search today or get in touch if you need any help finding the right number for your organization. 

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