Friday's Finest: Fly Charleston Soars with Sky High Branding

Having trouble making your ads rise above the competition? Have you tried putting them 1,000 feet above any other advertising? We didn't think so! While most of us are familiar with aerial advertising, from local firms all the way up to the iconic Goodyear blimp, the chances are we probably haven't tried it. That's why this week's striking visual reminder comes from Fly Charleston, who use an unmissable aerial banner and an unforgettable phone number to get their message across. fridays-finest-833-4-BANNER It's a beautifully simple yet stunningly effective tactic: two contact points, one of which includes the company name and shows where to find them online, while the other clearly states the service on offer and compels a phone call. All while flying above most competitors because, well, who else can offer sky-high advertising?! At a time when most marketers are looking for every new way to stand out online, it's easy to forget that we can effectively connect with people out in the real world. Take a look at your marketing mix... is it overloaded with social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising? There's no denying that the digital world is full of attractive channels that offer vast reach and unparalleled tracking. Unfortunately, there's the accompanying risk that most of your marketing budget gets eaten up testing new platforms and trying out ideas that just don't work. When you find that new channels don't deliver, it makes sense to turn to formats that have a proven track record. Aerial advertising is one of those rare ways to advertise that combines an undeniable record with something of an edgy approach. Potential customers aren't going to forget that they saw your brand flying high in front of them! They might, however, forget how to contact your business even after you make such a great first impression. A clear and concise domain name and a vanity number help to make sure that doesn't happen. Congratulations to Fly Charleston for using both and providing an excellent example of standout advertising in the process! [search-tag] 

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