Friday's Finest: Over to You!

We like to feature the best and brightest uses of vanity numbers whenever we can, from local repeaters that build a brand to unforgettable 800 numbers that give a small business access to enterprise level contact details. Even so, the best examples of memorable marketing usually come from our clients and friends. With that in mind, we're turning it over to you! your message here billboard Send us your examples of unforgettable marketing campaigns that use memorable phone numbers and we'll be happy to share them with the world! If you need some inspiration on what to look for, we've created an entire gallery of the best vanity numbers to get you started. E-mail your images to us at [email protected] or share them on our Facebook page or Twitter feed. We can't wait to see what you come up with (and promote the heck out of the ones that excite us most!) [search-tag]

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