Friday's Finest: When Your Phone Number Is Also Your Brand

Not everyone is lucky enough to get a phone number that's perfectly aligned with their personal brand, but when it happens it's a beautiful sight to behold (at least for those of us in business and marketing circles!)

Arizona's Bike Guy is one such example. Active in the local cycling community and proud to be an advocate for all things bike-related, 802BikeGuy has become a go-to resource for riders around the country. As a repair shop and expert, that reputation also doubles as a branding tool, because 802-BIKE-GUY also doubles as his contact number (802-245-3489). 802-BIKEGUY

Though no longer the most active side hustle, 802 Bike Guy provides a great example of how a custom number can accelerate personal branding. Take your hobby, nonprofit activities, or any other personal interest and think about whether there are any business opportunities around it. If there are, check out our database to find a local vanity number that fits the bill! A powerful (and affordable!) marketing tool for any small business, startup, or solopreneur. [search-tag] A more corporate example comes by way of United Rentals, whose equipment usually carries the easy-to-remember contact number 1-800-UR-RENTS. Accompanied by the company's logo and seeing the equipment in action, the number provides a direct way to remember who to call when a construction job comes up.


In their own way, each of these numbers provides a way to get a strong brand asset in front of people without the use of advertising or direct outreach.  In the case of 802 Bike Guy, it's being an online resource for cycling enthusiasts across social networks and web forums. By adopting a username that is also a contact number, the brand appears constantly and is associated with exactly what the business does. For United Rentals, potential customers see the equipment they need and have an immediate way to get in touch. If they can't do it right there and then, the number is so easy to recall that they can do so later. If you could use a memorable number for your business or personal brand, give us a call on 914-200-0000 or contact us online. We have millions of numbers in any area code and our dedicated team of marketing experts will always make sure we find one that works for you! 

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