Friday's Finest: A Super Number for Super Bowl 51

In the crazy world of global brands and their enormous ad spends for Super Bowl 51, you probably wouldn't think of an injury law firm getting in on the action. Fortunately, Gould Law in New Haven, Connecticut understands the ability of a memorable 800 number to catapult a business up into the big leagues! Gould Law 888 WIN FAST The firm's adoption of 888-WIN-FAST as a primary marketing tool and call to action goes back some time, but their use of it during Super Bowl season has been inspired. Just take a look at the company's Facebook page for inspiration... videos, visuals, and all kinds of calls to action using this unforgettable number! Gould Law provides a great example of how to take a memorable number and make it the heart of your marketing campaigns. It's a versatile brand asset that will help your business stand out across all media channels, online and off.  Gould Law TV spot   When used to this extent, toll-free 800 numbers and custom local numbers can return your investment within a few short week. Then they'll keep on giving, as you adjust and adapt campaigns to increase calls and convert new customers. Whatever your plans for the big game this weekend, remember to keep an eye on the ads. There's a lot to learn there, even if your marketing budget isn't in the billions! You can use the Adweek SuperBowl 51 Ad Tracker to stay up to speed, or simply look out for our monthly marketing digest with a special Super Bowl edition next week!   [search-tag]

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