Got a Custom Phone Number, But Now What?

There’s no question that vanity phone numbers are an excellent addition to any businesses’ marketing and acquisition efforts but one of the most common questions once those assets are acquired is - what do I do now? How can we use this resource in an effective way? What’s the first step?

Custom phone numbers are a marketing investment that pay significant dividends and offer substantial growth opportunities for businesses, but only when that asset is managed correctly.

Phones provide a conversational portal between customers and brands and the responsibility of businesses to use that channel in the right way can make a world of difference. How can you make sure that you're making the most of your investment?

Features available from RingBoost help your business set up a call experience for consumers (and your staff) that is likely to be unmatched by its competitors.

After you’ve purchased your custom vanity phone number, RingBoost clients need should get to work setting up the available features and capabilities including:

Call Forwarding: Your RingBoost custom call-forwarding number can be set up and changed any time at absolutely no cost. This is perhaps the most important step of using your RingBoost number so make this a priority!

Call Blocking: Immediately start setting up internal parameters and processes to know when to block calls and implement them by using the RingBoost customizable call blocking feature. With robocalls on the rise, this is an important step to ensure you don’t waste time managing unwanted calls.

Scheduling: Never miss a call again with the RingBoost scheduling feature which makes it possible to route calls based on the time or day the call is received.

Notification Emails: Set up a notification for the instances when you or staff do miss a call - such as early in the morning or late at night, or when they are on the phone with another customer.

Custom Greeting: Available only to premium users, RingBoost also provides a feature that enables you to set up a custom greeting for callers. This is not just any traditional greeting though but a recording done by a wide array of professional voice talent - something that will quickly give your business an edge.

RingBoost provides numerous other features that have long been well received by our clients including call analytics, voicemail transcription and a conference bridge that can be used to record audio conferences with up to 25 participants - and that’s just the beginning!

While many of these features are available only on specific plans, if you’re looking for a custom phone number, a memorable toll-free or local number that improves the perception of your brand and the efficiency of your enterprise, know that RingBoost provides the tools and technology necessary.

Search and review the available inventory of phone numbers now and reach out to a member of our staff with any questions - you can even call! Our operators are standing by!

So, What Are You Waiting For? Buy Vanity Phone Numbers Today

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