How Vanity Phone Numbers Help Generate Sales Leads

In order to remain relevant in today’s competitive market, a business must have effective, aligned advertising and marketing campaigns.

Generating sales leads is the desired end result of this work, but aligning the two is the key to bringing in those calls and inquiries.

Although it sounds obvious, getting the two to gel is not so simple. It requires strategic planning and ample resources to be successful, not to mention effective application of your best marketing tools. For many companies around the country, a memorable vanity telephone number is like the Swiss army knife of your tool kit. It has multiple purposes and its versatility makes it valuable across many areas of your campaign What makes vanity phone numbers so valuable is that they can be utilized across multiple advertising platforms at the same time, they give a business a steady return on their investment, and most importantly, they consistently generate more sales leads. The logic behind vanity phone numbers is simple: the more people that remember your business’s number, the more sales leads and customers you’re business will have.


Why are vanity numbers effective in lead generation?

Vanity phone numbers are toll free numbers that begin with 1-800, 888, 877, 866 or 855, and end with a word or acronym that typically promotes the sponsoring business or organization. These numbers can allow potential customers to easily discern what product or service a business is offering (e.g. 1-800-Flowers). Vanity numbers are also extremely easy to remember and subsequently hold a much higher recall value than the usual 10-digit telephone number. If prospective customers are able to easily commit your business’s number to memory, the chance of them calling you instead of your competitors is quite high. 

Multiple advertising platforms

Vanity phone numbers instantly make marketing campaigns more effective and economical by allowing businesses to advertise across multiple mediums simultaneously. A vanity number carries consistent advertising in newspaper, radio, and television ads, all at the same time. To maximize marketing efforts, a business can put its memorable number on billboards, company cars, and especially its website.

Call Tracking

Vanity numbers utilize call tracking systems which allow businesses to track every incoming call, down to the date, time, originating phone number, and duration of the call. A detailed intake of every call allows companies proactively follow up on leads. This feature makes data collection simple and allows for easy assessment of the effectiveness of various advertising and marketing channels. By understanding exactly which marketing initiative prompts the most calls, a business can successfully allocate more money to its most effective channels. Once enough lead data is collected it becomes easy examine the identity and preferences of the customers. According to various research studies, vanity numbers can increase the response rate of advertisements by up to 40 percent. Furthermore, as you'll often hear us repeat, inbound calls convert at a rate 10 times higher than leads generated online. That's a number worth investing in!

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