Friday's Finest: How a Law Firm Repeater Number Adds Value

Attorneys aren't strangers to memorable phone numbers. In fact, legal marketing is one of our most competitive sectors. However, not all legal teams opt for the understated appeal of a law firm repeater number. Atlanta-based lawyer Seth Bader is one such attorney who sees the marketing value of a repeater number. His business, Bader Law Firm, LLC, uses (404) 888-8888 across all of its marketing channels, from offering free consultations for those who call to giving fans on Facebook an easy way to remember the firm.    404-888-8888 Bader Law Firm  

Law Firm Repeater Number Raises Awareness, Increases Client Calls

Seth Bader is an experienced attorney. Even before dedicating his own practice to helping injured workers, this committed legal mind represented employers and insurance companies as an insurance defense attorney for two other renowned insurance defense firms in Atlanta. Those times serve him well when dealing with the finer details of the insurance industry and effectively evaluating the compensation cases that arrive at his desk. But before this can happen, potential clients need to be aware of his services and have a convenient way to get in touch with the Bader Law Firm team.   Bader Law Firm team   Clearly, the firm's unforgettable local number achieves this. With the familiar 404 area code that serves the city set alongside all those eights, there's no better way to encourage workers with a potential claim to call the firm.  Thereafter, Bader and his team use their depth of experience and local knowledge to pursue the most optimal medical care for clients, as well as fighting to help them win the maximum allowable compensation available for their claim. From repetitive motion secretarial-type jobs to heavy manual labor and construction-type jobs, there's little the firm hasn't seen or handled across the many cases it has taken over the past decade. While the dedicated team handles the hard work of building a case for their clients, that memorable number is the subtle marketing asset that ensures the two parties are connected in the first place.  Thanks to the team's smart marketing campaigns and the law firm repeater number that accompanies them, Bader Law continues to expand and serve more clients in the Atlanta area. If you have a question about workers' comp or any other injury claim, don't hesitate to call that great number!    [search-tag]    

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