How Local Businesses Can Develop a Stand Out Brand

While we have millions of unforgettable phone numbers to offer, at RingBoost we like to go the extra step and help our clients to build a brand around their new number. This is especially true when it comes to local business branding.  Of all the team, few have more experience and expertise in our field than Paul Faust, our SVP of Business Development. Paul flies all over the country to attend conferences, industry events, and talk to business owners at every stage of development. The common theme? Every one of them can benefit from creating a recognizable and trusted brand in their area. 

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Stand Out Branding for Local Business

Last month, Paul wrote an Expert Column for the Virginia Pilot. Aimed at helping owners in the thriving and competitive Hampton Roads economy, he covered several key marketing assets that need to be harnessed to build a local business brand. These are:

  • Logo: Use the same logo across all marketing materials as a constant and subtle reminder of your brand.
  • Tagline: Choose something snappy and memorable that communicates the central promise of your brand.
  • Contact Details: Your phone number, URL, email address, and social media names are all valuable opportunities to add a memorable hook that strengthens your brand. Never overlook them!
  • Brand Palette: Make sure the colors, shades, and tones that make up your marketing are consistent and reinforce the core value of your brand.
  • Brand Promise: Define a value proposition that shows why your company is unique compared to others in the local market. Put this promise at the heart of every marketing campaign and brand asset you use.  

 You can read the full article here and take a look at our other pieces on brand building below.  Read more: 7 Benefits of a Strong Brand Taglines vs. Truelines: How to Use Both in Your Branding How Your Brand Strategy Increases Company Value 

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