10 Local Marketing Ideas for Your Memorable Phone Number

Getting a memorable phone number is one of the best marketing decisions you will ever make as a business owner. Once you have that number, however, a new challenge presents itself: how do I use this tool to its full potential?

Marketing to a local community can be both competitive and challenging. That being said, there are ways to reach your audience that larger brands find tough to match. Your custom number also gives you the upper hand in almost any local vertical, if it's used correctly.  In this article, we'll look at several local marketing ideas you can use to accelerate the effect of a memorable phone number.


Your New Number: 10 Local Marketing Ideas to Consider

The following are ten ways to use your memorable phone number to drive more phone calls to your local business. You can use some or all of these local marketing ideas to raise awareness and make the most of your new number:


Business Signage

First and foremost, your new number is a powerful branding tool. It will help consumers not only remember what you do and how to call you, but it will also help them remember your brand as well. Business signage is the first place your memorable phone number should show up, whether it is on the sign for the plaza where you have your office, or on the storefront.   

Business Cards

As a local business owner, business cards are a surefire way to keep your message in front of prospective clients and other business owners. Local networking is a crucial part of running a local business, and business cards are on the front line of how you promote yourself to your local community. With a memorable phone number, your business cards will stand apart from the others, and make it easier for new contacts to remember you.  

Branded Clothing

Giving out branded T-shirts and sweatshirts is a time-proven way to promote your brand in your community. Every person who wears your branded clothing is a walking billboard for your business. Add a memorable phone number, and the people who see your brand will have even more reason to remember you and reach out to your business.   

Branded Vehicles

Creating and installing a branded car decal is a great way to promote your business. With most people spending a significant amount of time on the road, your car can be a powerful promotional tool. However, drivers will not have the luxury to write down or call your phone number right away. A memorable phone number solves this problem by sticking in the minds of drivers through the cunning use of mnemonics.



Bus Ads

Public buses not only drive around town all day, but they also allow space for ads. Bus ads can be a powerful tool for small businesses to promote their products and services. These ads pass by quickly, and so it is of the utmost importance to make your brand memorable. A memorable phone number is a useful tool to get more phone calls from bus ads.  



Contrary to popular belief, billboards are an excellent value for local businesses. Typically standing above busy thoroughfares, they display ads to thousands of driver every day. Again, drivers cannot immediately reach out to your business, so a memorable phone number is a crucial tool to use for this type of advertising.  


Door Hangers

Door-to-door marketing is a seldom employed tactic in today’s digitally-focused business world. For local businesses, door-to-door marketing can be a powerful tool. Door hangers are a non-intrusive way to promote your business directly to local households. The main cost will come from hiring people to walk the local neighborhoods to deliver the door hangers, but they do not need to talk to anyone. Adding a memorable phone number to the door hangers is sure to increase responses as well.  


Sponsor a Local Event

Nothing helps boost a brand’s image quite like helping out a cause. Sponsoring a local event, such as a charity run or sporting event, is a fantastic way to promote your business. Most events will allow branded banners and are sure to let people know about the financial support you have given them. In every place where they feature your brand, be sure your memorable phone number is also front-and-center. For example, we often sponsor the Pleasantville Music Festival. We love all of our local businesses, of course, but which number on the page do you think stands out most?!  

Pville sponsors header


Sponsor a Local Sports Team

Local sports teams attract a specific kind of audience that can be a potential goldmine of new customers for local businesses. These do not have to be major sports teams, such as basketball or football; they can be smaller, less mainstream teams such as roller derby, ultimate frisbee, or adult intramural sports teams. High school and middle school sports teams are also good teams to support. For any team you support, your brand and phone number can be added to their jerseys, their equipment, and as a banner at games and matches.    


Local TV and Radio Ads

While not a cheap way to advertise, local TV and radio is a great place to increase brand awareness for your business. A memorable phone number is an outstanding tool for this type of advertising because of how short a time your spots have to attract consumers. A great phone number will set your business apart from competitors, and earn you more phone calls than companies advertising with a random ten-digit phone number.  

Almost all of these ideas are easy to implement and fall within the marketing budget of most small to medium-sized businesses. Start with those that most align with your current marketing strategy and then branch out into others that you haven't tried before. You'll quickly find that these local marketing ideas expand the reach of your business (and bring in enough inbound calls to keep your sales team busy for months!)

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