Marketing News Digest: May 2018

Even if you entered last month with the motivation to consume more marketing news, the chances are you fell short of that goal as other tasks took precedent. That's where we come in... Our monthly roundup of what made the marketing headlines last month holds everything from new privacy rules and promotional channels to law breakers and legendary brands. Whatever your favorite flavor of promotional news and views, we gather the most relevant articles to get you all caught up.   marketing-news-may-2018  

Marketing News: May 2018

Here are some of the marketing news headlines you could have missed during the merry month of May:  
  • FCC Takes Action Against Robocalls - If you use a smartphone as your primary form of communication, you've probably noticed an uptick in the number of spam calls over the last year or two. So has the Federal Communications Commission, it would seem, after the telecom regulator handed out a record fine of $120 million to one of the industry's worst offenders.
  • Out of Home Advertising Reaches a New Generation - Signs that the obsession with digital-only ad strategies could be on the decline, as even digital native brands begin to explore the benefits of out-of-home (OoH) advertising. Adweek reports (subscription required) that a wide range of online-first businesses are increasingly using physical billboards and print advertising to reach a broader audience, as the digital environment becomes noisier than ever and questions are raised over the validity of metrics like reach and views.
  • Europe's New Privacy Regulations Have Global Reach -  The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) rolled out in the European Union on May 25th, but the ramifications are being felt far beyond EU borders. Any company with an interest in communicating with European consumers needs to heed the new rules, which is why the American Marketing Association's Marketer's Guide to GDPR is essential reading for any of us who fall into that category.
  • Gold Top 50 Report Analyzes Marketing Sector Changes - Staying with the AMA, the organization released its 45th edition of its Gold Top 50 Report, examining the current state of U.S. market research and analytics companies. While the industry remains in robust health, the growth rate did slow somewhat in 2017 and there are takeaways for business marketers in terms of employment and where the money is flowing in our industry.
  • Should Blockchain Tech Matter to Marketers? - It's the latest buzzword for brands at the top of the food chain, but what will the evolution of blockchain technology mean for marketers? This Harvard Business Review article takes a look at how this could impact many aspects of what we do, from reducing advertising fraud to improving the way we communicate with consumers.
  • Facebook Adjusts Its Ad Reporting Tools - Away from the privacy and political controversies engulfing the world's biggest social network, Facebook has also been working overtime to solidify its role in business advertising. After riling marketers with changes that diminished the reach of business pages earlier this year, the company will hope that improved reporting and ad analysis capabilities will remind advertisers of the platform's positives.
  • Takeaways from a Key Conference - Of all the names in marketing research and analysis, Gartner is one of those that you'll see referenced most often. So when the company hosts a conference, you know it's probably worth paying attention. That's why we're glad that MarTech Series shared these eight takeaways from the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference held in San Diego last month, covering what matters to marketers as we approach the second half of the year.
  • Few Surprises on Forbes' Most Valuable Brands List -  Apple, Google, and Facebook all maintained strong positions on the latest Forbes list of the World's Most Valuable Brands, where tech companies dominated with large profits and high market value. Coca-Cola was the one non-tech name in the top seven brands, demonstrating that even while traditional marketing and brand names resonate, the balance still swings heavily towards online activity and e-commerce. Nonetheless, brands like Amazon are making moves into physical retail and OoH advertising is attracting more interest from digital brands, so the gradual alignment of traditional and new media continues to take hold.

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