Marketing News Digest: October 2017

October marks the first full month of Fall and, for many small businesses, a mad rush to complete final preparations for the upcoming holiday rush. So who has time for marketing news? If last month proved unproductive in terms of reading the latest news and views on advertising, branding, and other important content, we have you covered. Our monthly digest breaks down important headlines to get you up to speed, as well as the external link for deeper reading. Let us know if you'd like to see anything else in these monthly updates... we're always eager to add the kind of content that makes it easier to market your business! marketing-news-october-2017Marketing News Digest: October 2017

Here are some of the marketing stories that you may have missed in October:

  • Sorry, the Holidays are Already Here: At least as far as marketers and business owners are concerned. Those seasonal campaigns and special offers won't launch themselves, which is why it's helpful to have this Bazaar Voice guide to 2017 holiday shopping stats as a starting point. Now get out there and sell the season like your business depends on it (because it probably does!)
  • Big Brands Invest in Experiences: Do you believe brands who talk about "meaningful relationships" with customers? If it seems like a fantasy, the big brand investment in experiential marketing is very much a reality. Whether or not small businesses can compete with these grand events is another matter, but we believe in you!
  • Video is Vital for Many Social Media Advertisers: It's easily overlooked for more accessible formats like promoted content and search ads, but video content is a trend that most businesses won't be able to ignore for much longer. YouTube's stats alone are astonishing, as Filmora's summary of 2017 demonstrates. Almost one-third of web users consume content on the site in any given month, meaning that your target audience is very likely to be there (if you aim your ads correctly).

  • YouTube Viewer DemographicsInternational Awards Celebrate Brands Big and Small: The fourth annual World Branding Awards was celebrated at London's Kensington Palace in mid-October, with many household names and some surprises among the 245 winners. Whether the budgets were enormous or anemic, it's always worth taking a look to see what the leaders in your business sector are doing to raise awareness and keep customers happy.
  • Need a New Marketing Channel? Try an Old One: For all the buzz of social media and content marketing, many businesses report limited success turning those channels into sign-ups or sales. That's not to say they're not valuable, but it's understandable that owners want to see ROI from most, if not all marketing channels they employ. Enter direct mail and e-mail marketing, both of which still deliver some of the best conversion rates of any channel. If you've been overlooking traditional channels in favor of the shiny new digital toys, it's time to take another look.


  • The Profits in Pop-Ups: No, not the annoying ads that plague every inch of some websites, but the temporary storefronts that "pop up" in malls, markets, and city center spaces around the country. Despite their seemingly limited windows to sell, the American Marketing Association reports that this is a $50 billion industry that retailers at all levels, online and off, should be thinking about for the holiday promotions and beyond.
  • But Online is Where It's At for Holiday Sales: At least according to Deloitte, whose survey of 5,000 consumers indicates that this will be the year we spend more of our holiday shopping budget online, rather than in stores. The balance has been close to 50/50 for a couple of years, according to previous surveys of a similar nature, but the proliferation of tablets and smartphones, combined with fierce online competition between major retailers, should push e-commerce over the edge this year. Are your online campaigns ready to roll?
  • 2018 is on the Horizon: Even with the holiday rush about to begin, November can be a great time to think about what you need to do in the New Year. A marketing review is very much at the top of that list for many business owners. Enter Forbes, where Paul Koulogeorge of the Goddard School provides this helpful rundown of all the elements you should consider before crafting a strategy for 2018.

 Those are our stories and we're sticking to them... at least until the start of December, when we'll do it all again! In the meantime, keep an eye on our Facebook feed or Twitter and Linkedin for the latest headlines and memorable marketing advice.  

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