Marketing News Digest: September 2017

Like generic phone numbers, marketing news can often be overlooked and is easy to miss. As with our unforgettable custom numbers, however, we're here to make the marketing news memorable again, by giving you only the most useful headlines that you might have missed.  As with our unforgettable custom numbers, however, we're here to make the marketing news memorable again, by giving you only the most useful headlines that you might have missed.  Our monthly round-up covers the worlds of advertising, branding, social media and small business development so that you don't have to keep up with every announcement. Here's our entry for August, while below you'll find a summary of September that has something for everyone. marketing news september 2017

Marketing News Digest: September 2017

  • Channeling their inner-Michael Stipe, the American Marketing Association posited the "End of Retail (As We Knew It)". Citing the rise of mobile commerce and sweeping closures across traditional department stores, the piece makes for interesting reading whether you sell online, in-store, or a little bit of both!
  • A surprising demographic insight from comScore's US Mobile App report, with surveys concluding that the most indispensable app for millennials is actually... *drum roll* ... Amazon. While the e-commerce giant's dominance of online buying is no secret, it's generally assumed that the digital generation is more obsessed with visual social networks like Instagram and Snapchat. Nonetheless, 35% of users 18-34 cited Amazon as the app they "can't live without," with Gmail a distant second and Facebook taking third spot.
  • At the end of the month, the FCC made some interesting announcements regarding the future allocation of toll free numbers. While this is only a proposal as yet, the implications for companies using 800 numbers to market their business could be important.
  • The social network for all things professional, Linkedin announced a new way to connect with your target audience beyond its own walls. Audience Network promises to be the way your business can reach qualified B2B readers with the content you publish on Linkedin. It's early days for the platform, of course, but networkers tend to love this platform and a way to extend its reach to new readers is likely to be a welcome addition.
  • Ad Age reported mixed performance across the advertising sector heading into Q4, with digital ad revenue up to an all-time high but TV ads falling behind somewhat. Advertisers have spent a record $185 billion on digital channels so far this year, according to data from Magna, while television revenue fell by around 14% during the first half of the year.
  • Here at RingBoost, we launched several new videos to help prospective phone number buyers figure out how to search for a custom number and what happens when porting your new number. All of the latest guide videos are available on our YouTube channel.
  • Nearly half of all consumers surveyed in a Sprout Social report said that they have used social media to complain about a company. 46% of respondents said they have named and shamed brands for "bad behavior or poor service," reiterating just how important it is for businesses to monitor online reputation and build a base of positive reviews.
linkedin topics research
  • Back on Linkedin, an intriguing study provided some helpful answers about what B2B readers want from the content they consume. Industry trends, tips, and best practices dominated the top spots (see above), showing that thought leadership and up-to-date expertise in your field remain the key to building an audience for your brand's content.
  • And finally... Twitter expanded its character limit from 140 to a maximum of 280, although only for select accounts on this initial rollout. So if you've ever considered the platform but thought "how do I reduce my marketing communications down to a text message?!" it might soon be time to reconsider your decision.
That's all for another month! Stay up to speed with all the latest news from around our industry on Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter.

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