The Changing Nature of Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free telephone numbers have been on something of a roller coaster ride ever since their introduction in the 1960's. While the reality is that we see more and more toll-free numbers snapped up every day, the perception of the traditional "800 number" varies a great deal, depending on whom you ask.  Even the 800 in that familiar term isn't fixed anymore, as some of the best numbers available come under newer prefixes like 855 and 877! Today we'll take a look at how toll-free numbers have evolved to meet the needs of modern business owners. Examples of memorable 800 numbers

The Evolution of Toll-Free Numbers

First and foremost, the toll-free element is not as important to most callers as it once was. With landlines on the decline, long-distance calling less of a concern, and unlimited cellular plans much more common, several factors have combined over the last decade to make the financial aspect a moot point. That being said, several qualities that made toll-free numbers attractive in the first place remain valuable to this day. These include:
  • The alternative to a local area code. For local businesses that cover more than one area code - or simply want to evoke the image of a larger organization - 800 numbers fit the bill. They don't confer a specific location, but they do carry the feel of a national brand.
  • A single, consistent number: If you move is very easy to just route your number to a new local number.
  • A branded call to action. Memorable numbers consistently will help to increase response rates and business referrals.2. If you can find a memorable one (easy dial or vanity).
  • Emergency service: If local phone service goes down, a company with an 800 number can reroute it to the local number in an unaffected area. This provides a handy backup plan and minimizes disruption to customers.
More recent developments that make 800 numbers attractive include:
  • SMS-enabled: Toll-free numbers can be used to exchange text messages with customers, opening up a whole new channel for customer service teams.
  • New prefixes: The traditional 1-800 remains the most popular, but newer prefixes like 888 and 855 add a more modern feel, as well as opening up more toll-free options for small business owners.
  • Enhanced analytics: The metrics available from custom numbers are more impressive than ever. From call tracking and caller data to response rates and channel attribution, the insights generated are invaluable for any sales team.
Did you know that you can access 800 numbers at any level of business? Our toll-free number plans provide an option for companies of all sizes.  toll free number plans Advantages of a toll-free number service plan include:
  • Pay for only the minutes you need and access additional minutes at a low rate.
  • Access to call recording and number blocking with any plan you choose.
  • Whisper tone technology so that you can tell who is calling before answering the phone.
  • Flexible plan options to fit your current budget.
After decades at the heart of marketing campaigns, 800 numbers continue to raise brand awareness and drive new leads to the businesses who use them. Take a look at our vast selection of toll-free numbers to find the one that's right for you.

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