Our Most Popular Marketing Posts of 2016

We write about all areas of marketing and branding here. From the fundamentals of memorable marketing to tools and solutions you can use to build your brand, there's no shortage of things to cover.  Certain topics inevitably attract more attention during the year, which is why we take time at the end of December to digest which articles were most popular with our readers. It tells us what we need to write more about and what we've covered enough, which in turn keeps the content on these pages relevant to you and your business. If you have some time to yourself this week - rare, we know! - or simply want to get up to date with your industry reading, this summary of popular 2016 marketing articles is a great place to start. 2016 popular posts

Our Most Popular Marketing Articles of 2016

To keep you going for the remainder of the holiday break, here are our most popular marketing articles of 2016: 6 Psychology Quotes That Show Why Calls Convert Best - Read here A surefire way to attract the attention of business owners? Combine smart quotes with ideas that will actually improve the bottom line! Understanding why potential customers are calling is the foundation of increasing conversion rates. The advice in this post offers a lot of food for thought to make more of your inbound calls in 2017.   10 Reasons Calls Still Matter in 2016 - Read here As technology races off into the distance and marketing does all it can to keep pace, it's easy to forget that tried-and-trusted tools remain indispensable. This article is a timely reminder of why customers still love to call, and confirmation that as the years advance, promoting an easy way to get in touch is more important than ever.   Microsoft Shows How Hard It Is to Shake a Bad Brand ReputationRead here This one sneaks in from 2015, but provides an interesting case study of the ups and downs a brand will encounter. Last year saw Microsoft struggling to get rid of a dated and tarnished reputation. 2016 has shown the company inching away from that negative sentiment, culminating in an end-of-year event that many believed put Apple's announcements in the shade. If you're trying to reposition your business brand, this is a great example of being bold and shrugging off past failures. [search-tag] 6 Ways to Encourage More Customers to Call - Read here Having established the fact that calls matter more than ever, we didn't want to leave readers hanging. This article covers effective ways to make the most of a memorable number, from selecting the right digits for your business to getting that custom number out there in front as many people as possible.   Moving to Canada? Call 1-800-MOVE-NOW! - Read here A more tongue-in-cheek effort to end the year, but one which summarized half of the outcry on November 9th. On a serious note, it's worth noting that custom numbers can be turned into a powerful call-to-action, whatever your desired outcome!   Happy New Year!

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