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We find successful applications of custom numbers in almost every business sector, but legal marketing is one area in which a memorable number seems to perform especially well.  RingBoost has worked with law firms across the country to help them find great numbers for their legal marketing and advertising. We know how important these numbers are for attorneys and what a game-changing marketing tool they can be. Samakow Law, serving clients in Virginia and Maryland, is just one of many success stories. We sat down with Paul Samakow to discuss this success and learn more about his firm's legal marketing. Samakow Legal Marketing NumbersLegal Marketing Case Study: Samakow Law

Samakow Law uses several custom local numbers to serve clients in different area codes. The first number that paved the way for the rest of this case study was 301-900-9000, which connects the firm to potential clients in Maryland. Moreover, it provides the kind of memorable hook that only a custom number can. After adopting that number in August 2016, Samakow Law signed up for various numbers in other area codes. Here's what Paul Samakow had to say about his firm's legal marketing success: What first made you look for a custom number? Did you have specific marketing challenge? "As an attorney in a very competitive market, and as a very experienced businessman, I recognize the need to have something that makes you stand out... a custom telephone number is a part of that, and sometimes can be a huge part... the better the number, the more memorable it is, the more likely the audience will not only remember it, but will then take the next step and contact you." In which legal marketing channels does your number appear? Which has been most effective? "I use custom telephone numbers on radio, television, and social media campaigns. By far, the most effective is television. Television has better reach, and if you run ads enough, as frequency is important, the custom telephone number can be easily memorized." What return on investment have you seen from your number? "Simple testing proves that using a custom number increases call volume. In terms of comparison to a random number, having our custom number is worth 10-20x more calls." In terms of ROI, I need to get two new clients to cover the cost of ads and the number's monthly fee. I got 12 new clients in the first month of use and 18 the month after. My ad has something to do with it but it is primarily the memorable number." [search-tag] Do you have any anecdotal feedback about how your new number increased brand recognition or improved awareness of your firm? "People constantly comment about my custom numbers. They tell me the number is easy to remember and ask how I got it, Most importantly, they tell me the number made it easier for them to reach me." What do you consider the most important advantage of a memorable number? "More people will call you, no question." Thanks to Paul at Samakow Law for this intriguing breakdown of how a memorable number boosts his firm's legal marketing. To find a great number for your law firm, browse our wide range of legal vanity numbers or look for a custom local number in your area.

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