Selecting the Best Number for Your Law Firm

Over the 14 years that RingBoost has been in the custom phone number business, we’ve worked with thousands of attorneys to build their brands and improve response rates. It is a common practice in the legal field for law firms trying to attract consumers - such as personal injury, mass tort, family law, and DUI defenders - to use memorable numbers in their marketing materials and advertisements. At RingBoost, some of our highest value numbers are secured by attorneys. However, most of those are secured through offline contracts. In our 2019 Phone Number Relevancy Report, we analyzed all transactions that came through our self-service e-commerce portal. Even in that buying situation, we were not surprised to see that law firms were at the top of the list of industries securing custom phone numbers. Law firms of all sizes want to control their brands, connect with target audiences, and be memorable. Audiences don’t typically need their services when they see ads, and the law firms want to make a good impression and remain top of mind for when they are needed.

We put together an infographic that highlights some of the most interesting facts about who buys custom phone numbers for law firms. You can download the infographic by clicking here or read the stats below. Follow this link to download the full 2019 Phone Number Relevancy Report.

Make it Easy 68% of law firms securing a custom number selected an "easy-dial" pattern (those with patterns of repeating or alternating digits). Differentiate 10% of law firms secured numbers in exhausted area codes such as 212 (New York City), 214 (Dallas), and 305 (Miami & Dade County, FL). Clarity The most common vanity phrases appear to aim at the personal injury market and include variations on the word HURT or INJURY. 22% choose a custom phone number that spells a word such as HELP, LAW-FIRM, and DUI-HELP Investment The median price for custom phone numbers sold to law firms was $425, with a range from $99 to over $10k. Familiar The most common easy dial is referred to as a “thousand” variety (X000) as its a popular way to convey professionalism and it’s easy to say on the phone. The second most popular type is the “quad” variety (XXXX). Together, they account for a quarter of the easy-dial patterns. Big Winner The most expensive number ever sold through the RingBoost e-commerce portal in 2018 was to a law firm for a repeater number (where all 7 digits are the same - e.g. XXX-XXXX). It sold for 5-figures.

To find your own custom legal phone number, search for local or toll-free numbers in our database, or read our advice for buying your own number.

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