5 Benefits of a Separate Phone Number for Business & How to Get One

If you own a small business and customers keep overwhelming you with calls and texts after hours, it might be time to get a separate phone number to work exclusively for your business. Having both a work phone and a personal phone will allow you to better serve your customers and maintain your sanity. With that in mind, here is everything you need to know about getting a separate phone number for business purposes. 

Should I Have a Work Phone and a Personal Phone?

If you’ve been asking yourself should I get a business phone, the answer is easy — yes! The work phone vs. personal phone debate is common among small business owners, as some believe getting a separate phone number can drive up their costs and make managing the company more complicated. In reality, getting a separate phone number for business purposes will make your life much easier and a more affordable option than you may think.

Separating your business and personal phones will help you compartmentalize your work and responsibilities. You can better serve customers, enjoy downtime after hours, and provide a more professional experience.

You have two options for obtaining a separate phone number for business calls. The first approach involves adding a separate line to your existing phone, which is relatively inexpensive. Alternatively, you can purchase another phone, which can help keep messages, voicemails, and appointment information organized. 

5 Benefits of Having a Separate Phone for Work

Whether you purchase a separate phone number for business purposes or decide to get a second device altogether, you can enjoy all sorts of benefits. Here are some of the most notable advantages: 

1. Maintain Business Hours

After you clock out, you can’t simply put your phone on a shelf until business hours resume the following day. You need to remain accessible to friends and family. However, some customers don’t respect your downtime, and others may not know your work hours.

Separating your phones eliminates this problem. If you add a second line to your existing device, you can set up automated rules that send people to voicemail after a specific time. If you purchase a second phone, simply put it in silent mode or leave it on the charger once you are done taking calls for the day. 

2. Increase Professionalism

Like most people, you probably answer the phone more casually when speaking to a friend or loved one. However, you don’t want to be too casual if a customer calls. Instead, you must be professional and start the relationship with a great first impression.

Once you separate your phone numbers, you’ll know if an incoming call is personal or business-related. You can then tailor your greeting accordingly. 

3. Personalize Your Voicemail

You can only create one voicemail recording per phone line. While you can easily create a professional voicemail on your personal line, this approach can confuse non-customer callers. After you’ve separated your lines, you can set up a unique voicemail for each. 

4. Develop Brand Trust

While there is nothing wrong with managing your business using a personal cell phone number, having a second number can make your company look more trustworthy and professional. If you want to connect with prospective customers, consider upgrading to a vanity line, a number that spells out a phrase or word, like 1-800-PLUMBER.

5. Eliminate Confusion

If you answered a business call with a casual greeting because you didn’t know they were calling about your professional services, the relationship could get off on the wrong foot. This type of interaction could leave potential customers confused or uneasy. Investing in a second phone number sets the stage for smoother customer interactions. 

How to Get a Separate Phone Number for Business

Learning how to get a separate phone number for business purposes is more accessible than expected, especially when buying one through RingBoost. Within minutes, you can purchase your custom phone number and assign it to your existing device. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Search for a specific number or check all available numbers in your area code
  2. Explore options and pick the number that best matches your business goals
  3. Add it to your cart and complete the purchase

That’s it! After you finish the transaction, you own the number permanently. There are no recurring fees on our end. Simply contact your carrier, let them know what number you’ve just purchased, and have them add it to your account. You can use a second cell phone, completely separating your personal and business lines. 

Grow Your Business With a Vanity Number

Don’t blur the lines between your personal and professional life. Stand out with customers and stay more organized with a custom vanity number from RingBoost. 

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Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions to help you decide whether having a separate phone number for business is right for you. 

Should I have a business phone?

Absolutely! Investing in a business phone, or at least a separate phone number for professional purposes, is an excellent idea for any company. By dividing your personal and professional numbers, you’ll make keeping up with customers easier, providing exemplary service and staying organized. 

Should I have a separate phone for my business?

Yes, don’t want to rely on your personal phone to run your business. Doing so can get confusing, as customer texts, emails, and phone calls will get mixed in with individual communications. Getting a separate phone for your business lets you easily track appointments and maintain a clear line between your personal and professional life. 

Can I add a vanity number to my existing phone?

You can add a vanity number to your phone as a second line. You can manage each line separately, create custom voicemails for each number, and even put your business line into do-not-disturb mode to limit after-hours calls.

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