How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Vanity Number

Facebook is by far the largest social network, an outstanding resource for your business to find potential new customers and interact with existing clientele. It also just happens to offer a primary place to show off your unique business vanity number - and the many branding opportunities that come with it - via your business page, adverts timelines and other avenues. Using Facebook to Promote your Vanity Toll Free Number

Promoting on your Facebook Page and Timeline

"Find us on Facebook." It's a common enough call to action on adverts nowadays, because consumers want to be able to find your business without leaving the safety and security of Facebook's walled garden. Building a fan page is quick, efficient and free. When you?re building your page, look for every available opportunity to incorporate your vanity number, especially in the images and video you produce for your page. Talking of which, prime visual real estate is to be found in the banner or "cover" image on your Facebook timeline or page. Each Facebook page has a Timeline area (at the top of the page) in which a business can place any images that are relevant to their industry, niche or whatever else they choose. Try to work your vanity number into your Timeline image so that it doesn?t feel like an advertisement, but more as a brand.  

Promoting via Facebook Ads

Facebook's own advertising platform has surged in recent years, as the company makes a push to connect audiences with the right products, services and content. It's another smart place to advertise your business and vanity toll-free number. You can be up and running with Facebook Ads for just a small daily spend, or even a fixed budget as low as $5. Obviously the more you put in, the more you'll get out in terms of reach and visibility for your vanity number. Still, the ability to experiment at  and with an easy to use interface even those who aren't very technologically inclined should be able to handle getting ads up quickly and efficiently. One neat tip with using Facebook Ads is to ensure that your vanity number is visible somewhere in your ad copy. While Facebook charges advertisers every time a user clicks on one of their ads, a vanity phone number listed in your ads means users can call in and avoid clicking on the ad altogether. It's not going to save you a ton, but is a neat way to bake in some extra branding for free.  

Contests and Promotions are Perfect for Facebook

Finally, running a contest or promotion involving your vanity toll-free number is very effective when done through Facebook. The social network has more than 1 billion registered users, with a significant number of those people here in North America. Participation in any well-advertised contest with attractive prizes tends to be high. Consider having a video contest where users have to act out something to do with your vanity number, or something fun like having users submit pictures of the best cake they can make from your vanity number. Whatever you choose, just remember to ensure that voting takes place right on Facebook and that users must "like" your fan page before they can vote. This will help to drive additional brand impressions and will get your vanity number in front of more potential customers. And if all this sounds appealing but you've yet to snap up a memorable vanity phone number for your business, simply start your search here.  

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