Celebrate Bakery Vanity Numbers on Sugar Cookie Day!

Happy National Sugar Cookie Day! Okay, it's not as widely celebrated as the 4th of July, but we'll take any opportunity to grab a tasty treat on a Monday morning, right?! It's also an opportunity for us to tell you how bakery vanity numbers are a great tool to help you move away from cookie-cutter marketing! National Sugar Cookie Day 2018Vanity Numbers for the Bakery Business

Could your bakery brand use some sprinkles to stand out? A custom phone number ending in -BAKE, -CAKE, or even one that uses a longer word like COOKIE or APPLE-PIE, provides an instant way to stand out from the crowd. Bakery vanity numbers are used by some of the most renowned names in the business, from Magnolia in New York City to a baker now known as "the Cake Boss."Magnolia Bakery uses 1-855-MBAKERY and features the toll-free vanity number prominently on its homepage.Magnolia Bakery 855-MBAKERY Weaving an unforgettable phone number into your website is next-level smart as far as we're concerned, but then we are talking about one of the most sought-after providers of baked goods in the nation. We're sure that Magnolia's order lines are busy every day thanks to the quality of their products, but this custom number makes it easier for customers to call and adds an extra element of branding to the company's contact details. Another well-branded baker using a smart vanity number is Carlo's Bake Shop in New Jersey, which was famously featured on the hit TLC show Cake Boss Carlo's takes another approach to its contact number, employing an easy dial local number with a memorable symmetry - 201-448-8400 - to get hungry customers calling. We'd humbly suggest that Carlo could go further and add a BAKE or CAKE vanity number to his marketing toolkit, but we're also not going to argue with the boss! What both numbers have in common is the desire to give potential customers an easy way to remember how to call in their order. If you run a bakery or catering business that relies on phone orders, could you say the same? [search-tag] We have thousands of tasty vanity numbers for bakeries and other food vendors in our database. Start your search above or contact us today to secure one of the most important ingredients for a successful marketing campaign! 

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