Why Local Vanity Numbers Make More Customers Call

When business is tight and every customer counts, missing out on sales leads simply isn’t acceptable. One of the primary motivations for companies to call us is a desire to see more of their hard-earned ad dollars turn into actual sales calls, which starts with an easily recalled contact number. Why does owning a vanity number make customers want to contact you?  The answer is twofold. [caption id="attachment_1210" align="aligncenter" width="396"]Consumer Calls The Vanity Number From A Company's Website In many cases, your customer feels more comfortable calling a local vanity number.[/caption]

Two Reasons to Go Local With Your Vanity Number

It's actually a pretty simple explanation, but these two reasons have deeper meaning when it comes to getting your customers to call. When it comes down to it, what your customer wants is: 1) a number to call that they can easily remember, now and in future. And, 2) a number to call that feels familiar and inviting. Both are achievable and, importantly for your marketing budget, affordable. A vanity number gives definition and purpose to your telephone number by identifying the product/service you sell, while advertising your business. With a local vanity number you offer all the convenience and familiarity of your area code, alongside a relevant word or phrase that makes your business stand out from the pack. This is true both online and offline.  Having your number look different in across all areas of marketing is important.  When customers search for a product/service they are looking for on Google or Bing, your company can appear towards the top with an extra bit of brand. Whether paid or standard search that space for text is at a premium, so a local vanity number makes the most of the on screen real estate available to deliver your message. Offline it becomes even more important to be immediately memorable. As customers drive by billboards or rush past a poster advert, they have very little time to register their interest and record your details. A local vanity number communicates all of the qualities we mention above in an instant, delivering your message and memorable contact details before the customer has a chance to be distracted by the demands of their day. While toll-free numbers offer an important signal of size and leverage for your business, local dials make the most of your proximity to the customer and speak to your company's ability to serve them closely. Which you choose depends on the overall marketing objectives of your business, but it makes sense to understand the best of each option before you decide which works for you. To learn more about this powerful local marketing tool, read our page explaining local vanity numbers.  

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