Your Wireless Offers Customers a More Memorable Number

In conjunction with RingBoost, premium Verizon retailer Your Wireless is pleased to offer its customers the opportunity to make phone numbers more memorable. Whether it’s an easy dial number that uses just a few different digits or a full vanity that spells a familiar word or phrase, Your Wireless will secure a number that makes your business unforgettable. Your Wireless Verizon Retailer Let’s take a quick look at how this new partnership helps turn a normal number into an unforgettable marketing tool.

A Memorable Number Means More Customer Calls

How many calls did you miss from customers last month? If you have a normal telephone number, there’s every chance it was a lot. That’s not to suggest that your sales team and customer service reps aren’t answering the phone. Quite the opposite, in fact! Your Wireless believes they deserve more… more calls to answer and more opportunities to convert those new callers to customers. The trouble is, they can’t do their best work without that all-important call volume. The underlying issue is that if your contact number is just a set of random digits, you’re almost certainly missing out on calls that a more memorable number would have pulled in. That’s why Your Wireless partnered with RingBoost, to offer a wide range of custom numbers that will make your contact details stand out from the crowd.  light bulbs in a row

The Numbers Behind a Better Number

Case studies suggest that a vanity number increases calls by up to 33%. Your Wireless strongly believe those are your calls! They shouldn’t be left on the table because potential customers can’t recall your forgettable number. Worse yet, they could end up being calls to your competitor. If other businesses in your area are using a vanity number, or even if they just appear because a customer had to go to Google to try to remember your company name, they’re probably going to get a chunk of business that should have been yours. This new relationship with RingBoost helps you to take back the calls that are rightfully yours. Vanity numbers stand out in almost every context. In advertising, they provide a mental hook for customers to easily recall your contact details. When someone is driving or in a hurry, it’s unlikely they’ll remember a random set of digits that they see or hear. Put them in some kind of easily memorized order or a familiar phrase, however, and people’s minds find a way to file that information away for later. Common advertising wisdom has it that consumers see and hear thousands of ads every day, yet those they remember don’t usually exceed single digits. To be in that small handful of memorable brands, you have to help. You have to give them every chance to remember who you are, what you do, and how to get in touch when they need you. Some of that comes from complex marketing campaigns and highly-developed brand strategies, but some marketing tools make it much easier. For all of the benefits it can offer, a more memorable number doesn’t take much effort to set up and can make all the difference to boosting the number of inbound calls you receive  

Your Wireless Phone Number Shouldn’t Be Forgettable

The reason that many people settle for less when it comes to their phone number is that they’re usually not offered the opportunity to make more of it. Vanity numbers have been around for many years, yet many businesses feel they’re either out of reach or too hard to organize. Neither idea could be further from the truth. The simple reality is that every business can benefit from a new, more memorable number. Even more importantly, there’s an affordable option for almost any marketing budget. Consider the potential that lies in increasing your inbound calls in just a few days, then boosting awareness of your brand in the long-term. That’s what a memorable number does, making it an investment that pays for itself almost immediately. To learn more about securing a custom number for your business with Your Wireless, contact the company on [email protected] or stop by your local store today.

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