Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my business need a vanity number?

With a vanity number you attract more attention and you will be remembered. That is the main objective of your marketing message and vanity numbers are a tried and trusted tool in an increasingly distracted world.

A number that aligns with your company name, service, or product, has a compound effect on every campaign you run. A branding opportunity is delivered every time your vanity number is mentioned in conversation or included in marketing materials. What’s more, toll-free vanity numbers are easy to remember. Memorable numbers are shown to raise marketing response rates and to increase the probability that your business contact number is recalled later, in cases when a customer doesn’t decide to buy immediately.

With the right vanity number, you can take advantage of a marketing tool that has been shown to deliver phone leads that have proven to be 10 times more likely to convert to revenue than leads generated online.

Where should I advertise my vanity number?

Anywhere. Everywhere! One of the biggest advantages your business will see from a new vanity number is its versatility. In newspapers, on-line, on TV and radio ads, billboards, yard signs and vehicle markings are just some of many advertising spaces where you can put a vanity number to work to boost calls. Put your vanity number in mobile ads that are also click-to-call and get the best of both worlds; they’ll talk to you now and remember you later.

How do I find a vanity number?

To select the perfect vanity number for your company, make sure it highlights the core features and benefits of your business. Some of the best examples use a vanity number aligned to an entire industry or category of product/service. No one is ever unsure who they’re calling when they dial 1-800-DENTIST® or 1-800-FLOWERS®. With the close attention your business receives from, the opportunity is there to pick the perfect number and make your marketing far more memorable with your own vanity number.

Are vanity numbers a good investment for small companies?

Without doubt! We have seen companies of all shapes and sizes succeed by adopting more memorable numbers. Vanity numbers are not exclusively reserved for big companies. Through’s proprietary GPS based Shared Use Program, smaller businesses can also enjoy the boost to calls and sales growth that come with implementing a great vanity number. makes previously unaffordable vanity numbers affordable by “sharing” them around the country in markets that your company doesn’t do business in.

What is the best way to select a custom vanity number for my business?

Our directory of vanity numbers is segmented by industry category so that you can easily find the right number for your business. You can also browse by business category, or search for a specific keyword or number. Our experienced sales team will guide you to the best number for your business and help with any questions that you have about vanity numbers and the other services provided Primary Wave Media.

When will I start seeing results from my vanity number?

As soon as you integrate your new vanity number into advertising and marketing materials, you can expect to start seeing results. The success of your vanity number is completely in your control once it is up and running, because the more you get the number out there into the world, the more it will be able to boost calls.

I searched the site but didn’t see the vanity number I’m looking for. What can I do next?

Get in touch with us and our experienced sales team will help you find a number that works well for your business. is committed to delivering high quality customer service, which means making sure you come out with a memorable vanity number that works for your business. Call our team on 1-877-TOLL-FREE to speak to a salesperson with the experience to get your new vanity number up and running in no time.

What if I employ multiple sales people and/or several locations in one market?

No matter how sophisticated your sales set up, our call routing solutions have you covered. Have your calls ring on a rotation cycle across multiple sales people or direct them to the business location closest to the caller. You may choose to have all of your calls ring through to a single location, or even divide them out across your area’s 3-digit prefixes, counties, or zip codes, for a nominal charge.

Why should I pay to receive a local call from someone who could just call my existing number without cost to me?

A vanity number is more than just a number, it is also a branding tool. By including your vanity number across the full spectrum of your advertising, it helps to increase awareness of your company in your local market. A vanity number sets you apart from competitors and makes you more memorable in the mind of your customers, which boosts both recognition and calls. On top of all these benefits, a vanity number invites potential customers to call your company at little or no cost.

Do I need to change anything about my phone service or system?

Nothing at all! Call routing is not visible to your customer. The consumer simply dials your vanity number once they see your ad, and the call rings directly through to your business. This seamless call routing is one of the reasons that vanity numbers are so versatile and easy to integrate into your existing marketing.

How can you offer such a marketing tool that is so expensive for such a reasonable price?

Through the power and efficiency of shared use numbers. Although 1-800-FLOWERS was purchased for $9 million and other major corporations spend millions of dollars investing in vanity numbers that define their industries, is able to share the use of its Power Numbers in multiple markets. This reduces the cost to licensees drastically.

How does the program work?

To start with, select a number that defines your business or industry. Then let us know for what region of the country you’d like to own EXCLUSIVE rights to your chosen number. routes all of the calls that come from your licensed region seamlessly to your existing phone lines, so you can begin to advertise and promote your new vanity number immediately.

How can I sign up to be a licensee?

To secure exclusive regional use rights to a vanity number, you just need to read, sign and return a shared-use agreement. Your number will be operational within two business days and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t fully satisfied with the service within 30 days of your order, your monthly license fee can be refunded with no questions asked.

Why do some vanity numbers have more digits than a standard numeric phone number?

Marketers may use extra digits to complete a memorable word, despite the fact that telephone networks do not recognize entries after the seventh digit. For example, the “E” in 1-800-SWITCHME is not really required or read by the telephone network, but it is essential to the marketing message.