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202 Area Code In Review

Discover How D.C.'s Exhausted 202 Area Code Could Impact Your Business

203 Area Code

The Expanding 202 Landscape

A 70-year long run of Washington DC’s 202 area code is giving way to a new era. As one of the first 86 area codes established by AT&T, the introduction of a new area code could feel like an unwelcome change to residents and business owners seeking the highly coveted 202 area code identifier. 

For locals, the 202 area code is a symbol of pride and status, heightened of course by the association between the region and the federal government. And with less than 36,000 phone numbers left to be assigned,  a 202 number is certainly something to be cherished. 

What about those who are new to the region? Those who don’t already have a 202 area code will have one of the new 771 area code phone numbers assigned to them once the original area codes run out, which could present challenges for businesses. Without having a direct attachment to the area, businesses run the risk of appearing outside of the community they want to attract. 

How does the area code used in your phone number impact customers’ perception of your business? The two actually have more to do with each other more than think.

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What Your Area Code Says About You

With the supply of available 202 numbers decreasing by the day, people that were originally assigned a 202 number can now consider themselves part of a very exclusive group.

Once the exhaustion of 202 numbers is complete, however, those without may lose valuable standing in the region. Having a 202 phone number instantly resonates with people and instills a sense of trust - and new businesses are concerned.

Ask anyone in Manhattan or San Francisco about how they felt during the exhaustion of their original area codes, and the connection between someone’s identity and their area code will start to feel real. An area code provides valuable information that helps customers make informed decisions about your business. It speaks to your area of operations and provides prospects the confidence required to do business with you. 

As a professional, having a prestigious area code sets a certain tone that customers respond positively to. There’s no better way to convey your competency as a trusted, established business. Luckily, there’s still time to brand yourself as a proud 202-based company with the help of RingBoost.


Enhancing Connections using Vanity and Local Numbers

Businesses that hinge on their ability to market themselves rely on things like vanity phone numbers to insight recall and instill trust. After all, RingBoost reports show that people are 3-4 times more willing to contact companies with vanity phone numbers. 

Real estate companies happen to represent one of the most in-demand sectors for both vanity and easy-dial local phone numbers. 

As a realtor, your presence within the community is vital. By linking yourself to a specific region using a local area code, you’ve helped solidify your business’ brand identity and opened new doors to stronger relationships with clients. 

Selling and purchasing a home is a massive undertaking, and people are more comfortable working alongside realtors that understand the local market. People are also extremely passionate about where they’re from, and research indicates that brands who provide a sense of emotional connection benefit from customers with a 306% higher lifetime value. 

With a local phone number, you’ll field more calls through increased brand awareness and brand loyalty. So beyond enjoying a sense of regional pride, aligning your business with a specific area code, especially one with limited availability, will establish new and lasting connections.


How can RingBoost help you get a 202 number?

According to the North American Numbering Plan Administrator, it’s projected that DC’s 202 phone numbers could run out by April 2023, but RingBoost can still help you capitalize on 202’s reputation and bring your business to the forefront.

RingBoost  offers:

  • the largest selection of vanity numbers tailored to a range of industries 
  • a broad inventory of the soon-to-be exhausted 202 area codes
  • access to premium numbers as they become available within the region

We want our customers’ businesses to succeed, and in order to gain that competitive edge, you need to stand out. Statistics suggest that it generally takes 5-7 brand interactions to ensure brand recall; by utilizing our inventory of exclusive area codes and vanity phone numbers, you’ll have customers making immediate connections to your brand. 

For more information, learn more about the value of vanity phone numbers, or get in touch with a member of the RingBoost team today; let’s work together to identify the perfect vanity number for your business.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

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