All the Reasons You Need to Get a More Memorable Number

As a regular reader of these pages, you'll know by now that vanity numbers are versatile marketing tools. They prove time and again their ability to increase advertising response rates - by more than thirty percent, in some cases we've seen - drive more inbound calls from customers and, ultimately, to increase sales. It's easy to get lost in the many benefits of a memorable number, however, so we wanted to break down the top ten advantages that we consistently see from these easy-to-use marketing improvements. Using numbers like those in our database helps companies communicate more often (and more effectively) with customers. A vanity number is an ideal marketing tool for today's competitive and challenging business environment, so let's take a look at the most prominent ten reasons you can use to make a compelling case for a more memorable number.

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10 Convincing Benefits of Adopting a More Memorable Number

People are much more likely to dial a phone number that is easy to remember. Here are some of the ways this simple concept can be put to work for your business:

  • 1. SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASES RESPONSE RATES FOR ALL FORMS OF ADVERTISING: Vanity phone numbers are proven to get a greater response from customers and sales are increased because of them. With so much competition online and in the real world for eyeballs on advertising, having an extra hook on your ads that also doubles as a memorable call to action is invaluable.
  • 2. MAXIMIZES THE ROI ON YOUR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN: By adding a vanity number to your advertising campaign, your response rates and call volumes will increase, therefore maximizing the return on investment.
  • 3. A TOOL THAT CAN GROW WITH YOUR BUSINESS: A vanity number can be used successfully in any form of advertising and marketing. Whether you have a multi-million dollar budget or only several hundred dollars to put towards a campaign, you will reap the rewards of vanity number marketing. A vanity number can be used in anything from a billboard, to a business card to radio advertising. Wherever they are used, they will increase the impact of your marketing.
  • 4. AN EFFECTIVE REFERRAL TOOL: Clients will remember your vanity number and therefore can tell their family and friends to simply give you a call. Would you search endlessly for the number of your local florist or simply call 1-800-FLOWERS? That's a question we don't need to answer!


  • 5. IMPROVE BRAND AWARENESS & RECOGNITION: Companies that adopt a great number into their corporate identity brand building, advertising, and marketing materials report increased recognition rates of 45 percent and above. Leads continue to be generated months after a campaign has ended. This reinforces the brand name of your company, increases long-term brand recognition, and boosts ad campaign responses.
  • 6. KEEPS YOU TOP OF MIND WITH LEADS YOU ARE NURTURING: Once a potential client knows your number, they will no longer have to look it up. By doing so, you not only keep things convenient for potential leads, you also ensure that every potential client gets directly into contact with your company, rather than accidentally finding a competitor online (or in the phone book!)
  • 7. STRONGER PRESENCE IN THE MARKETPLACE: Every business wants to be synonymous with the service they provide, e.g. 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-CONTACTS, 1-800-MATRESS. When you think of these things and where to get them you think of the number. By being the company that has THAT number you have an advantage over your competition, as you become the place to go. A good vanity number ensures you appear larger and more established than you may already be.
  • 8. EASY TO MEASURE YOUR RETURN ON INVESTMENT: All of our numbers include 24/7 online call tracking for you to monitor your calls, meaning you can see all of the calls that your number and advertising campaign has generated.
  • 9. AN AFFORDABLE MARKETING TOOL: Many people think that vanity numbers are expensive solutions for large nationwide companies. That is simply not the case and our number start from as low as $40/month. Contact us now if you are interested in securing a vanity number for your business.
  • 10. VANITY NUMBERS ARE EXCLUSIVE: Once you license a vanity number from RingBoost, the number is locked in and exclusively yours. You receive 100% of the calls for the market(s) you take and they're routed directly to the sales number you specify. There's no more direct way to simultaneoulsy connect with your customers and cut competitors out of the equation than licensing or buying an exclusive number in your area.

[search-tag] Hopefully these ten items provide you with all the ammunition you need to convince a marketing manager, or business owner (or even yourself!) that you need to secure a more memorable number. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us on 1-877-RINGBOOST, contact us online, or use the chat box in the bottom right of your screen to get in touch. To see how other businesses have benefited from using a vanity number, visit the RingBoost Knowledge Center.

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