2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

This Year Get Her (or Him) a Ring that Fits Perfectly

Valentine's Day is fast approaching - do you have a gift idea for that special someone yet? If not, give the “power of voice” to your love!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas - RingBoost   

While flowers, stuffed animals, and boxes of chocolate are the traditional (safe) choice, a vanity phone number from RingBoost can be the perfect gift for a couple of lovebirds to form a more special and intimate bond.    With nearly half a million creatively themed custom phone numbers to choose from, you’ll find the communication between you and your soul mate increasing (and perhaps some feelings of adoration too).    Here are a few ways to find a custom phone number at RingBoost for your 2020 Valentine and some ideas on how to use that gift the whole year through.    Choose a Special Vanity Phone Number: They call them your special someone for a reason! Choose a special phone number that represents something close to your heart. For example, use RingBoost’s vanity phone number lookup page to find an 800 phone number that includes your love’s secret nickname.   Choose a Local Phone Number: In a long distance relationship and far apart this Valentine’s Day? Buy a local phone number near your sweetheart and they won’t be charged for long distance calls! RingBoost has phone numbers in nearly every area code - from Los Angeles to Miami and every place in between.    Choose a Memorable Phone Number: There’s no reason to give a gift if your Valentine won’t use it; that’s why giving a memorable gift is so important. Search the database for one of RingBoost's memorable easy-dial numbers (those phone numbers that repeat digits in specific patterns). With a Valentine's Day gift like this, there's no chance they'll forget to call!   Now that you have given your Valentine the gift of a great phone number, what is the best and most creative way it can be used to help you create a loving, long-lasting relationship? We’re certainly not experts at anything except phone numbers, but here are some possible ideas: 

  • Leave a daily voicemail message for your Valentine; phone messages are a meaningful way to connect with others and the more you connect the stronger your bond (or so we've been told). 
  • Set up the voicemail to email feature so you can read messages when there is a convenient opportunity; you can’t always be available when your special someone needs to speak with you which makes this a must have feature for those who aren’t always as accessible as they would like to be.
  • Measure just how much your Valentine loves you with caller analytics. You’ll be able to see the number of calls from a specific number, the duration of calls, and when those calls happened. There’s no better way to determine if you’ll need a new Valentine in 2021.

  There are as many ways to use a local or vanity phone number as there are custom phone numbers available at RingBoost. Check to see if your “special” phone number is available now before Valentine’s Day 2020 is over!   

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