6 Quick Seasonal Marketing Tips You Can Use Today

Happy 4th July (well, almost!)

Everyone loves to celebrate our nation's birthday, and the same holds true of many shared events throughout the year.

Be it season, holidays, trending topics or major sporting contest, embracing current events is a great way to connect with customers and revel in the occasion.

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6 Quick Tips for Seasonal Marketing

You probably have to hit the road for the holiday, so we'll keep this to quick tidbits of advice to chew on as you travel How can you apply these six seasonal marketing tips to your business?

  1. Share images that relate to the occasion and feature your product, service, office etc. If you're celebrating the holiday early in your office, share the festivities.
  2. Tie the personal to the professional and ask your employees to attend local shows or community events. Keep an eye on the calendar in your area and look for opportunities to get out into the real world, connect with people, and share the results. 
  3. Provide relevant information that your customers will find useful for the season or occasion. If you're a limo service, for example, you might offer tips on the best routes to take out of town or optimal times to travel.
  4. A study by Expion showed that follower engagement will often peak during warmer weather. Boosting your online engagement may be as simple as looking out the window and tapping into the shared enjoyment of sunshine on your page. 
  5. Understand your audience and the types of event that they'll respond to. Avoid sensitive topics like politics or religion, unless they're a central part of your company's identity and will be appreciated by your core audience.
  6. Share amusing or inspiring memes that communicate the sense and spirit of an occasion. Most online audiences will share things that touch them or make them feel good. 

Enjoy the holiday and travel safely!

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