A Visual Guide for Your Vanity Number Search

 We've offered tips to improve your vanity number search before, but there are always ways to improve upon valuable advice. VoIP systems reviewer Software Advice knows this too, which inspired their team to take the most important criteria for picking the perfect vanity number and turn it into a decision tree. As we know many of our readers are visual learners, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to share this useful graphic with you. 

Visualize Your Vanity Number Search

vanity number search decision tree For the parts of the decision tree that require checking on availability, you can use our vanity number search tool to see what numbers are free in your industry or area.


At a couple of points in the decision tree there are also some wider considerations to make. For example, when it comes "time to brainstorm," you'll need to consider the points we've made before and think about the reasons people remember a particular number. Or earlier in the tree, where you need to find a single word or phrase that describes your business, you can dig deeper by examining the fundamentals of memorable marketing.


And as a quick reminder as to why vanity numbers are worth all this effort in the first place:


“Business owners look to marketing for many different reasons, but one function -- creating and maintaining name recognition -- is always at the forefront of their minds. The critical role branding plays in creating that coveted recognition can not be ignored. Business owners have scientifically-proven reasons to reinforce their company’s name, product or brand with a vanity number.” 

-- Craig Borowski, VoIP and telecommunications researcher at Software Advice


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