Get the Best Out of Your Vanity Number Marketing

While an awesome, easy to remember vanity toll-free number is  a major branding boost for any business, many owners forget that the task is just beginning when your number and phone service is finally connected.

What comes next is critical: the job of marketing the vanity number and brand at every possible opportunity, from business cards to billboards. Let’s consider some of the channels you can use to market your new vanity number and a few avenues that should be considered. [caption id="attachment_590" align="aligncenter" width="237"]Vanity numbers generate more inbound sales calls Vanity numbers generate more inbound sales calls, but you must market them![/caption]

Advertise Your Number Online

As the saying goes: everyone is online, so you had better be here too. Online advertising through Google AdWords, Facebook and other ad networks is an excellent place to begin a huge branding campaign powered by a memorable vanity toll-free number. A major benefit of using a vanity number in online ads is that many ads are priced by the “click” – but since users are seeing your vanity number and brand, they won’t need to click the ad. Studies have shown that a business who is marketing via their phone number can save a ton of cash via online pay-per-click advertising, so this is a great place to start. 

Leverage Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube offer businesses a great vehicle for exposing their branded vanity number and their products or services. Consider how 1-800-FLOWERS is using their Pinterest account to show off its dozens of floral arrangements and gift ideas for virtually every occasion; their followers take these images and videos and share them with their contacts, spreading the brand name and exposing their vanity number to all sorts of new people. Used correctly, social media can be an incredible driver of brand exposure for any business – especially those who have a memorable vanity toll-free number. Don’t forget to get a Facebook “fan page”, Twitter account, Pinterest page and YouTube channel established for your business; this is the minimum expected level of participation for brands that are participating in social media. 

Traditional Advertising Opportunities

Even now that everything seems to happen online, it's important not to forget about traditional media opportunities. Public transport ads, broadcast media, newspapers, billboards and other print advertising still prove effective for many businesses. There's plenty of life left yet in traditional media; in fact the signs are there that old and new media are aligning in exciting new ways for small business advertising, with vanity numbers well placed to bridge the gap between tradition and technology. As prices come down due to strong competition between ad channels, there’s always an opportunity for the right company to move into the right space. Branded vanity numbers are also excellent for billboards, where they dominate the space and attract plenty of attention to your business, for example. And many of your customers may still read local newspapers or subscribe to print edition magazines, where the space is now more affordable and, for some companies, no less effective in terms of generating customer leads. If you still need to choose a memorable marketing number before exploiting all the opportunities above, now is the time to get that set up. It can happen today just by giving us a call on 1-877-RING-BOOST or e-mailing [email protected]. Speak to you soon!

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