Call Tracking & Recording: 3 Ways Small Business Benefits

Let’s start with the good news: Small businesses are popping up everywhere! Small businesses represent the majority of businesses in the United States, with estimates ranging from 90-98% of all businesses. Okay, here’s the bad news: Only a handful of these small businesses succeed in the long-term. According to the SBA, or Small Business Administration, less than half of all new small business last more than 5 years and only a third last more than 10 years. With tough odds working against them and a sea of competitors, every small business needs to find its competitive advantage. For many, a vanity phone number might be that advantage. It can act as more than just a powerful advertising tool and help small businesses thrive. One of the little-known, yet most beneficial advantages that a vanity phone number can provide a small business is the ability to track and record calls. call tracking and recording with custom phone numbers3 Major Benefits of Call Tracking and Recording

A core benefit of vanity numbers is the call tracking/recording function. These are three ways it can benefit your business: 1. Detailed Call History Organized records of every call you make or receive from a customer are kept. This database can be a small business’ greatest asset because the more you know about your customer, the better service you can provide them. This database can include information like where they’re calling from, their call history, and any information you learn from them during your calls. 2. Improve Your ROI Every business needs to keep their costs low if they want to succeed, or better yet, earn a profit. Finding affordable ways to run your business can be challenging because too often, low costs translate to low quality returns. When it comes to vanity phone numbers, this is definitely not the case. Vanity numbers can be shared and used locally, keeping the price affordable and the investment quality the same. 3. Marketing Assessment Tying in with the first two, call tracking and recording becomes a major boost to your marketing department (which, in some cases, is you!). The detailed call history allows you to learn more about your customers, as well as to learn from them. Finding out how customers discover your business and why they choose to work with you is indispensable marketing information. Knowing what strategies work and which ones don’t, can keep your business from wasting time and money. As a result, you can aim your marketing efforts in the right direction, again generating a greater ROI for your small business. Taken together, these pieces make a fully functional whole that is a great help to small business owners. Call tracking and recording can enhance a small businesses sales database and make that information easier to act on. The message here is that a vanity number, like those provided by Ringboost, is more powerful than just a memorable way to brand your business. It has tools within a tool, all of which give you a better understanding of your own business and help you to answer questions that other marketing solutions simply cannot. For more on the specific features of call tracking and recording, click here.

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