Client Profile: The Vance Law Firm

You've probably seen numbers out there like 1-800-LAWYERS and 1-800-HURT-NOW, but what if you're also looking for a local solution to spread the word about your law firm?  The good news is that there are hundreds of ways to work a local area code into your memorable marketing number. The Vance Law Firm in Montgomery, AL provides an excellent example of this, with campaigns that include the size and success of toll free dialing and a local repeater number that no-one is going to forget. Stewart Vance Law Firm In addition to 1-800-INJURED, which speaks directly to The Vance Law Firm's expertise in personal injury law, Stewart Vance also chose the excellent repeater number (334) 333-3333. Those digits form the basis of his firm's easy-to-remember "Dial 3 for Me" campaign, which as you can see above puts a face to the firm's name and adds a personal touch that helps Vance to stand out. Clients who are hurting need that caring aspect, as it's a trait that the legal profession often lacks.  Stewart Vance and his team embody the quality, as he confirms in summing up how the local number communicates his values: "The number has worked well supporting our identity as Local Lawyers Helping Local People. " - Stewart Vance, The Vance Law Firm Vance Law Vanity Number The firm is living those values in the Montgomery community. Vance operates a van for client pick up and to provide transportation for them to and from doctor appointments. That number takes pride of place on the vehicle, providing an easy way for others in the area who are hurting to find help. Paul Faust, SVP of Business Development here at RingBoost, holds this up as the perfect example of a firm using their memorable number to its full effect. "Now that van is a moving billboard with a number nobody can forget," he says of the initiative,  "nice job Stewart Vance." It's also an example that any small business can follow to stand out in the local community. For many businesses, local vanity numbers work as well - or provide an extra edge to - their 800 number peers. To learn more about which is right for your business, read our guide to choosing between local vs. toll free phone numbers. [search-tag]

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