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New York City Business Phone Numbers

Did you know there are seven telephone number area codes that cover the five boroughs of New York City?

When selecting a business phone number in the Big Apple, you'll have the option of 212, 917, 646, 718, 347, and the newest additions: 929 and 332.

A 212 number is the toughest one to get 

As the original, 212 is also Manhattan’s most exhausted area code. So, not only is it in high demand, but it’s also difficult to acquire through a standard phone carrier.

When you sign up for service with your carrier, they will attempt to give you whatever number is on the top of the pile. You spent time selecting your business name, your logo, your domain - why would you let your phone company pick your phone number?

There are over 200,000 businesses in New York City and 98% of them are considered small businesses, with fewer than 100 employees. It is precisely because of this crowded landscape that you need a New York phone number to help you stand out. Don't settle for what your carrier wants to give you, take that simple step to get the cell phone number that best represents your company.

212 Area Code5 Reasons Why You Need a 212 Phone Number

1. Bolster Your Brand

Your business phone number isn't just a means to call you, it's part of your brand identity. There are subtle cues people sense when they see your number that contribute to their impression of your business. Your area code plays a big role in it. Because it is New York City's original area code, having a 212 number projects longevity and strength.

2. Link Your Image with the City's

The 212 area code is iconic. This new number will place your company in the heart of Manhattan, in the hustle and bustle, in the know, with your finger on the pulse of industry. The goodwill of Manhattan business culture rubs off on your brand by association: hardworking, thought leaders, cutting edge, top talent, and so on. It levels up your business reputation in just three digits.

3. Instant Recognition

The 212 area code is instantly recognizable as a new york number to both people within the city and across the country. There isn't a question of where you are located. In some ways, the original NYC area code is so well known it almost ceases to exist when recalling it. With your prospects' brains defaulting to 212, they only have to know the last seven digits to reach you.

4. Local Appeal

Having the original local area code is great for small businesses. Whether you are a dry cleaner or a restaurant, your customers will automatically know you serve the immediate community. It conveys a sense of being well-established and trustworthy, which is especially helpful in a city where businesses come and go.

5. Competitive Differentiation

A 212 area code helps you stand out from the competition. Last year, the 332 overlay was introduced in New York City. For a prospect researching a new provider: all things being equal, there will be a stronger connection and sense of comfort with a 212 area code.

Where Can I Buy a 212 Phone Number?

Even though 212 is what we consider an "exhausted area code"- meaning that you can't just call your service provider and obtain one - RingBoost has thousands of 212 numbers to fit your needs. It's easy to purchase one through our online store, and once you do - you own it outright. You can port it to your carrier of choice or you can activate a call forwarding plan to route calls to the number of your choice.

Any business operating in or servicing New York City can gain a serious advantage by having a number that begins with 212.

Act now to get your local 212 number , or consider a toll free number for your national business needs.

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