How To Get A 212 Number

For established brands and newcomers alike, a 212 number places you at the center of a global business hub.

Plus, it conveys the prestige of the Big Apple. The art, the grit, the wealth, maybe an office somewhere in a tall glass skyscraper… This identity appeals to local and national customers alike. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the basics of how and why to purchase a 212 area code number.

The 212 area code and the charm of New York City

More than representing New York City’s prestige, the 212 area code marks a true Manhattan local. As the city’s original area code, lifelong New Yorkers have a soft spot for the 212. If you’re new in town, a 212 phone number confers an air of legitimacy. It might open a few doors for you as you try to make your way in the city. 

And even if you don’t live in the city – or in the state, for that matter – a 212 area code conjures up images of the Manhattan skyline for anyone dialing your number or receiving your call.

In other words, it’s a status symbol – and one that’s harder and harder to come by. So if that local NYC character is important to your brand, obtaining a 212 number is essential.

Getting a 212 number isn’t as easy as it used to be

There simply aren’t enough 212 numbers to serve all 9 million New Yorkers. So, in 1992 the entire city was overlaid with area code 917. (An overlay is the addition of another area code to the same geographic region as the existing one.) In 1999 came 646, followed by 332 in 2015. 

Today, 212 numbers are virtually exhausted. Phone companies no longer automatically give 212 numbers to new Manhattan phone accounts, so people who have these numbers tend to hold on to them.

212 numbers can be purchased as vanity numbers

A vanity number is a number that you specifically request. It often contains a customized sequence of digits. In rare circumstances, you can request the number from your carrier but whether they deliver or not is mostly up to chance. 

Who’s buying 212 vanity numbers

Businesses buy 212 numbers, whether they’re actually located in NYC or not. They do it to establish a credible presence in any number of industries, local and worldwide.

On the global scale, this includes:

On the local scale, it includes:

Who’s selling 212 vanity numbers

Rarely do private individuals sell their personal phone numbers. 

More often, individuals and brands purchase a vanity number from third-party brokers (like Ringboost). This takes the guesswork out of acquiring a vanity phone number. Brokers find catalog available numbers and sort them according to your price point. Once you’ve secured your new number, they’ll help you set it up.

Steps to getting a 212 number

The process of getting a 212 number is pretty straightforward. 

With some general knowledge and a quick preliminary plan, anyone can get from purchase to porting faster than you can say 212. Think of the process as three main steps:

  • Research
  • Plan
  • Purchase + Activation


Whether or not you already have a good idea of the phone number you want, a little bit of internet research can really help you dial in your options. A few things you’ll want to look into at the start of the process:

  • Finding a quality broker is key to picking the right number at the right price. A simple google search can point you in the right direction
  • Available phone numbers on the market–finding one you like makes it easier to pick a seller
  • Price range can vary, but you shouldn’t have to pay an inflated rate. Look for a low start-up cost, and a low monthly fee (or no monthly fee).
  • Porting, parking, and new phone line options will determine how you can actually use the number. A dedicated broker can support you in any of those options  


Be aware that putting your new number to use isn’t instantaneous. 

After purchasing a number, the integration process can take 7-10 business days. Having a general communications plan regarding the timeline of activation is a good idea, so you’re not left phone numberless in the interim. 

Purchase + Activation

The actual purchase of your new phone number is as easy as a few clicks through an online checkout. At that point you’ll also decide whether you want to park or port your newly purchased digits.

If you’re not yet ready to activate your new number, parking the number places it in an inactive status and is significantly cheaper than paying for a service plan. You retain ownership, and can turn it back on at any time.

If you are ready to activate it, simply select porting at checkout and you will receive an email that includes your porting instructions. It will include: 

  • An account number
  • The name on the account 
  • A PIN code 
  • The service address


Manhattan’s 212 area code carries both commercial and cultural prestige, and by extension, so does the bearer of such a phone number. Many businesses seeking to successfully establish themselves as a local presence are buying up these rarely available 212 numbers in order to successfully brand and market themselves to a local and international community of potential clients. 

With some help, acquiring a 212 number might be easier – and more affordable – than you thought. Explore the available 212 numbers and make one your own.

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