Hidden Gems in the RingBoost Phone Number Relevancy Report

The power of voice can't be denied. Even with the rise of sophisticated, automated, AI-driven digital technology (like chatbots), connecting to businesses by phone is still a top priority for consumers.

  To prove it, RingBoost's recently released Phone Number Relevancy Report shares some valuable insights about the current state of the phone number aftermarket (where local and custom, vanity phone numbers are bought and sold), how phone numbers are being used today, and how any business (including your own) can leverage these assets to raise awareness, build trust, and increase leads and conversions. It's useful for anyone whose business relies on phone calls for the success of their operations.  

The Challenge For Today's Companies

Companies in every business vertical - from legal and real estate, to home service and healthcare - must remain thoughtful in how they approach promoting their businesses. It's a complex environment; advertisers and marketers are driven to acquire a mass audience in a compelling and creative way, but without overspending.    To do that effectively means adopting a strategic, fully integrated, multichannel marketing approach, using a combination of advertising, digital marketing, brand building, direct response, and referral programs. These companies need to stretch every marketing dollar as far as it can go. Adding a custom number to integrated campaigns increases consistency, memorability, and improves response rates.  

Interesting Highlights From The Report: 

+ There are 700-800 million phone numbers currently assigned in the United States and Canada.  + There are 384 area codes in use, as of the end of 2018. + 65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone versus only 24% who prefer online form fills. + Consumers have a 45% higher recall rate of vanity numbers compared to web addresses. + Local service businesses with a phone number on their profile receive an average of 66% more leads from Yelp. + B2C service companies spend an average of 11.8 of gross revenues on marketing and advertising. + 60% of numbers sold through RingBoost are from New York, Florida, California and Texas.  

Download the complimentary Phone Number Relevancy Report now to learn about...

+ local phone number buying patterns + who buys local phone numbers + where local phone numbers are purchased + which phone numbers are most popular + and more. Questions? Contact our friendly and knowledgeable support team to discover how phone numbers are relevant to your business and how you can start using a toll-free vanity or easy-dial phone number today.  

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